Monday, March 03, 2003

BRONSON: You have the right to carry
Therefore Peter, people can strap on a leg iron and hang out at the OK corral. There is no right to carry a concealed weapon, which in reality defeats the intention of the gun fanatics. Supporters of conceal and carry laws always site the need to make "criminals," which really means everyone not like exactly like them, fearful that they might be carrying a gun. Why is there the need to create any doubt as to whether or not one is packing heat? Peter, if people want to carry a gun they should want everyone to know: "don't mess with Texas." Fear of death is what gun fanatics want everyone to feel when they walk down a dark street, so why do they fear being labeled a gun toting citizen? Wear your metal badge of courage on your leg. Make it easy for me to stay away from you. If anyone fears they are ripe for attack, I do not want to be standing anywhere near them. That is the safety warning I want, if they want to carry around guns.

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