Friday, March 14, 2003

Woman's City Club: We'll stay downtown
Three cheers for the Woman's City Club! I must laugh at the comments of anti-Semite Amanda Mayes in the article:
"They like to call us boycotters thugs, bullies and all other kinds of names, but the behavior we saw from John Cranley, Pat DeWine, Jim Tarbell, the mayor and especially the Charterites was thuggery at its most oppressive level," Mayes said. "If the city really wants to bring some healing and end the boycott, threatening to do counterprotests and withhold money from groups who do honor the boycott is not the way."
So, Amanda Mayes is pissed that people are doing to her as she and her hate group have done to others? What an outrage! I jest.

What I want to ask to the Enquirer Reporter Kevin Aldridge did he ask Amanda Mayes about her own bigotry against Jews? If he did ask her, why was it not in the newspaper? Kevin should not worry about losing a source; Mayes and the rest of the CJC will always talk to him or any other reporter. He should not worry about "offending" a bigoted with fact. Why not just take a copy of City Beat and ask her to defend her bigotry. That would be an exclusive story that would sell a lot of papers, and more importantly BRING THE TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE OF CINCINNATI. Denise Smith Amos even addresses Mayes' bigotry, timidly addresses it, but still raises the issue. David Wells talks about the Woman's City Club as well.

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