Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Truck scatters antiwar protest
This guy will get off light. It was interesting to hear the various opinions on talk radio today. Jay Love of 1230 the Buzz was critical of Mike Allen, yes a shock, and wondered why the truck driver was not being charged with attempted murder, as I asked yesterday. Mike McConnell of 700WLW was basically tacitly condemning the man's actions, but he and most of his callers clearly understood why this guy might be upset. Mike said "he went a little overboard."

It is typical that Jay took the position he took, and Mike took the position he took. Jay is anti-war, while Mike is pro-war. Both incorrectly addressed the issue, Jay was over playing the seriousness of what happened, and Mike was making light of it, even stating that his station would report any information on a "defense fund" for the trucker if one is formed. The issue of the "defense fund" came up when someone called the newsroom at WLW asking if one had been set up. Not surprisingly this issue did not make the Blogosphere, but flags on fire trucks was hot-hot-hot with the knee-jerk stupor-patriots.

Other Coverage: WLWT, WCPO, Post, WKRC, and Dawn's Life.

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