Saturday, March 22, 2003

Watching war on live TV wrenching for military families
Yesterday while at work I watched war coverage during lunch with the mother of a US Marine currently stationed in Kuwait, who will likely move forward soon. She was in good spirits, but appeared very tense under the surface. I was amazed mostly that she was keeping a very close eye on all of the news. She knew almost every detail of what was going on minute by minute. The most telling moment was when the television anchor reported that a US Marine was killed in action, she slightly bowed her head for a few seconds in what I can only assume was a moment of thought for the mother of the fallen Marine. That brings home the issue of our troops and their families. I have heard some really horrid comment from the extremists in the anti-war gang and it disgusts me. It does their cause no good to act like thugs in the streets. Breaking the law to protest something that will not change is futile. The war can’t be stopped. What you can demand in your protests is liberation for Iraq. Keep pressure on the Bush Administration to release plans for the post-war Iraq and make sure those plans are just and not politically biased.

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