Thursday, March 27, 2003

Jay Love is Stupid
That sounds petty, but I don't know how else to characterize him for his latest screw up. On his radio program today, Jay wondered why no US news outlet was reporting a story from the CBC claiming that 350 civilians were killed in Iraq by the US. I guess Jay missed the headline of the CBC story: "Baghdad claims 350 Iraqi civilians killed in war." Jay, the claims are from Saddam's "Health Minster!" Do you really trust anyone from his regime to be honest about this issue? If you do, then you are either lying or are stupider than I thought. The article then states:
A Web site that is using media reports to tally the number of Iraqi civilian deaths in the war puts the number at between 227 and 304.
Jay is placing his trust in an unnamed website, whose sources are unconfirmed? Jay appears to be exceedingly gullible. I wonder if he is interested in buying a portion of the Brent Spense Bridge.

It is just amazing how Jay attacks callers who voice opinions supporting the war, demanding they provide a level of proof greater than any court of law would require, where all other possibility must be removed, no matter how remote or farcical. I have not be able to take listening to Jay much this past few weeks leading up to and during the war. His persistent use of the most baseless propaganda reads like an International A.N.S.W.E.R. leaflet. Next I expect Jay to start denouncing the capitalist dogs for their abuse of the underclass and the economic apartheid, oh wait that is what a former 1230 the Buzz host is saying now a days.

UPDATE: Just so Jay does not pop a blood vessel, CNN is now reporting the same story.

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