Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Local Auto Shop Won't Fix French, German Cars
Sorry to disappoint the knee-jerk conformists out their but this is not patriotism, this is stupidity. Why is it that when Nationalism is concerned well reasoned and emotional free judgement just goes out the window? Here are a few points on this local chest-beater:
1. I wonder if he knows how to fix French and German cars.
2. His actions do not help our Troops. They instead hurt other Americans. Now the price for fixing French and German cars will go up, and Importers of French/German auto parts will loose money.
3. This man's motivation on the surface is misguided yet altruistic, but dig deeper and anyone should be able to see that this is not about helping the troops, this is about quelling his feelings. He needs to do two things: show his friends that he is conforming to the social pressures heaped upon the society by pseudo-patriots, and that he can quell some of the emotion he has for not being able to do anything else in the "war effort."
If you want to support the war effort why don't people start donating money to the USO or hell even start a scrap metal drive circa 1942? Creating a new instant "them" to hate and channel all your anger is nothing new, but it is nothing good either. Talk Radio and much of the rest of the conservative side of the media are sensationalizing and capitalizing on the listlessness people feel and using it to create useless and harmful spectacles to pump up ratings. We all need act like civilized adults, and stop acting like schoolyard bullies teasing the kid in glasses.

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