Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Bird: Press provides front-line spin
The headline is spin as well, so it starts out with a slight bit of hypocrisy. I am in favor of embedding reporters. My view is not really about the value of getting the instant coverage, which is good, but rather instead what I hope will be a semi-objective accounting of the war and the actions of the U. S. military. Bird seems to be looking for some kind of cure all to know about the war. That is a fool's dream. Wars are not easy to understand. There is no way that anyone can provide big answers to the war, during the war. What they can provide are the basic elements of the war itself. It would be nice if outlets like FOX were not so horrifically cheering for the war, and it would be nice if the BBC and Al Jazeera would not be so hostile to the USA. Most of the rest of the TV outlets are doing fairly well. The real media star of this war is the Internet and print in general. Pictures, contrary to popular myth, are not worth 1,000 words, at least when those words are trying to convey fact, not emotion.

The Cincinnati Post also had an editorial on this subject: Watching the war.

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