Thursday, March 06, 2003

Local Boycotters Get National Support
Yet, Jesse Jackson did not show up. Damon Lynch's quote
"Not enough progress has been made," Lynch said. "In fact, I think the city is going backwards."
seems to be a whole lotta nothing. Where are we supposed to be going? Are we just supposed to roll over an give in to your demands? Are we instantly going to cure all of our problems? No, we are not going to to just change, and that is because Damon Lynch thinks that the "we" is only the police and non-black community. The “we” is everyone. The "black community" must change just as much as the "non-black community." That change does not include more segregation or Black Nationalism. The change means integration. Integration is basically assimilation. That is the basic core sticking point that must be overcome if anything is ever going to "change."

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