Monday, March 24, 2003

Dems back Cole for council
I am torn on this. Yes, she was the 10th highest vote getter, but the Democratic Party did not endorse her, even though she is a registered Democrat. Why was she not endorsed? Was it her lack of experience or false projections of unelectability? Her stance on the boycott as reported by the Enquirer is one of a true politician:
On the boycott: "My stance has always been that it's important that we work to bring the community together. It's mostly about economic issues, and we all want to improve on those issues and move the city forward."
With comments like that she will fit right in with the rest of weak-kneed hacks on city council. She needs to take a full stand on the boycott. If she supports it, she should not be picked for council, and will create a nasty fissure on council that will solidify opinions, creating a more polarized city.

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