Tuesday, March 11, 2003

A Game of Chicken in the U.N.
In case anyone can't see what is the obvious game of chicken the US/UK is playing with the rest of the U.N. let me outline it. The latest effort to push back the deadline from March 17 to March 31 seems on the surface to be a concession, but in reality it is actually very sly. This revised resolution with a list of demands for Iraq to comply with and a later deadline will get the nine votes needed to pass the UNSC. France has pledged to veto it. If France/Russia/China apply their veto to resolution, then the US/UK have the cover needed to attack Iraq outside the U.N. If France/Russia/China abstain (they will not vote for it), then it will pass and then US/UK will have the U.N. backing needed. It is not really a good game of chicken for France. The US/UK can't lose, but France loses either way. I wonder if this is more of an American plan or a British Plan. I give the nod to the latter.

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