Thursday, March 20, 2003 WCPO needs to let Networks cover the war
CincyNation provides the following commentary:
We're told that WCPO has taken it upon itself to "cover" the war. Very interesting development from a station known for sensationalized local reporting. Fact is, WCPO is reading Associated Press reports and running tapes from ABC News and CNN. So why not let the networks do what they are trained to do? Extra annoying is a blue scroll Channel 9 is using at the bottom of the screen for 'breaking news.' The color is distracting and the scroll information, we're told, tends to be older news rather than breaking.
I think I agree with this assessment of WCPO. I would prefer they refrain from the crawler and from the local updates on the international story. If they have relevant local news, fine, but let the national journalists do their job. I do not mind WCPO switching to CNN if ABC is lacking in coverage, which last night (03/19) was the case when ABC delayed interrupting regular programming longer than the rest of the networks. ABC does provide good coverage and has had good front line report thus far.

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