Sunday, March 09, 2003

BRONSON: Bush won't flinch
How can Bush flinch with Peter's head so far up his ass? This article seems pointless to me. Everyone who love's Bush loves his simpleton ways, or as they call it his "folksy" manner. Everyone else thinks Bush is as political as any other politician, if not more. The issue is that the people who love him come close to deifying the man. I think Peter is blinded by his religion. Peter's acceptance of Bush's "word" is basically based on emotion. Bush and Bronson are both Christians. I think they are both even to a degree both evangelical Christians. In my experience evangelical Christians feel their "kind" is special, part of the "chosen" who are totally honest. It is a manifestation of their blind faith put in their new divine King George. (I am generalizing here, so don’t get your shorts in a knot.)

Evidence that Peter has drunk the Bush Propaganda Kool-Aide can be readily demonstrated with his comments on the faux connection of Iraq and 9/11.
Some people just don't get it. But we are going to war because of what happened on that morning, Sept. 11, 2001 - to make sure those kids in that classroom don't grow up in a world of terror.
The problem is that people, like Bronson, really think this war with Iraq is part of the "war on terrorism." This is totally grotesque propaganda. It is a lie that he Administration is trying to build upon, trying to capitalize on the blood lust of the country to support him in a war.

This war is not about terrorism. If we were going to invade a country on the basis for its support of terrorism we would be going into Iran, Syria, Lebanon, or the Palestinian Territories. We would have invaded Columbia long ago. This war has several reasons. Preventing possible future terrorism from Iraq is a natural side effect of the liberation of Iraq, assuming Bush's gang don't screw up with nation building like they did in Afghanistan. Using America's anger over 9/11 as political cover for doing what ever you want is not only wrong, it is very "unchristian." There are valid reasons for this war. The timing of how this drive to war started are the most suspect and troubling aspect of the whole endeavor. The biggest concern is how the post-war situation unfolds. At this point, that is not something Bush thinks we Americans should know anything about. We are to trust him. Bronson is more than will to trust his religious comrade. Most of the rest of us, who did not vote for Bush, want a few drinks of facts before we are forced to swallow the one sided agenda of the current Administration.

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