Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Scoop: Poor Reporting on Iraq Weapons Claims
Peter Bronson of the Enquirer is criticized on a New Zealand Website:
Even so, the next day, columnist Peter Bronson (Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/23/03) was still writing, "The Scuds he swore he did not have were fired at Kuwait, and Iraq was launching lame denials while the craters still smoked." Apparently the corrections of the earlier, incorrect reports had not reached even all of those whose job it is to follow the news.
Peter did use this in his Sunday Column, but seemed to not be checking his sources. There are no reports that have been verified indicating the Iraqis have launched Scuds. Peter is not the only journalist to make this mistake during the war. Umm Qasr was reported has been under control several times before it was finally relatively under coalition control. Columnists get some leeway for this type of error, but nearly all reporters on the major TV outlets made this error regularly, which is where I would surmise Peter got this information from, most likely from the cheerleading FOX news. This report originated from FAIR.org, a liberal media watchdog.

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