Monday, March 10, 2003

Speaker will observe boycott
If you don't like Barbara Ehrenreich, then it is quite easy to prevent her from speaking ever again:
Ehrenreich, who is being paid $10,000 plus expenses for her appearance, told the Woman's City Club Feb. 20 that she would not attend a picketed event.
I would encourage anyone who does like this woman's opinions, or her caving-in to a hate group, to picket her where ever this event ends up. She said she would not attend any picked event. If she is honest and honorable, she will then not cross the picket line, no matter whose it is.

She is concerned about the plight of poor women. I wonder if she cares about the poor women who work downtown? She has shown her support for a group that seeks to hurt working women and men whose livelihoods depend on downtown businesses. I guess she is more concerned about the image of her visit, instead of the impact of her buckling to the boycotters.

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