Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Trucker claims he didn't aim to hurt war protesters
The newest talk radio "hero" has been born. This trucker was slated to appear on Scott Sloan's radio program this evening. I refuse to tune into the show. With topics like this "Should Muslims and Arabs be allowed to fight for the U.S. Armed Forces?", I can't see that anyone but bigots and/or racists would want to tune it in. I hope people understand it is all an act, but that is not understood by the ignorant masses of morons who listen and call into WLW. They don't know that WLW is all about sensationalism and ratings. They will say anything to get you to listen, except for an ever-shrinking list of taboos. Their station would not be so horrid if they were openly honest about what they did. They are trying to fool people. They are lying on purpose. They think it is just fictionalized entertainment, that is their rationale, but instead they have created a means of manipulation that is often pure Pravda. I would bet that this trucker is able to hire a good attorney with the money WLW helps raise for his “defense.” When you say things like this though: "I'm pleading not guilty," Watters said. "What I did was wrong. I did break a few laws, but I'm not guilty. you really make it difficult to defend, unless you cut a deal or shoot for jury nullification. He is out on bail on very low bail, and I am sure Mike Allen is looking to make this go away, especially with the coming outcry fabricated on WLW.

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