Friday, March 21, 2003

War on Iraq -
Here is another article on the media coverage of the war. The most relevant passage:
On the right, the Fox News Channel is the leading propagandist for the US war effort. Soon after the shooting began on Thursday, Fox anchor Shephard Smith announced, "The liberation of Iraq has begun." The first missile strike on Baghdad was, he said, designed to "cut the head off the snake".
I heard him say this several times, once just as a Fox embedded reporter crossed the Iraqi border with a unit of the American Army. If you think that this is somehow "fair and balanced" then I think your perceptions are tainted by several assumptions about what journalism is supposed to be. I heard talk radio yesterday, on WLW, whine about Peter Jennings and Dan Rather. I think they expect journalists to be like Shephard Smith. I don't mind if a journalist shows a little emotion when something bad happens to American soldiers, but to illustrate glee like a skirt wearing cheerleader turns my stomach. If people are fooled to think Fox News is not biased towards conservatives, they must be smoking crack.

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