Wednesday, March 19, 2003

The Black United Front Announces Withdrawal From Collaborative Agreement
I guess the CBUF was giving in to the "Man" to much and they had to show they are still "black" enough by getting out of a collaborative that they have not lived up to anyway. I guess Damon Lynch needs more attention, and wants to unit with he bigoted segment of the black activist community (CJC, Black Fist, and Kirland). It is obvious that CBUF no longer wants a resolution; they want power and more "Benjamins." This section of the article illustrates the illogic:
The Black United Front explained that they were pulling out of the collaborative agreement because they wanted to focus their efforts on their boycott of downtown and did not want the boycott to become an excuse for the collaborative agreement's ideas not to be implemented.
So the collaborative’s goals are no longer part of the demands of the boycott? I guess no one gets paid with the collaborative, no one meaning no one amongst the boycotters. This step is a huge mistake for the CBUF. They will get little attention for doing this on the eve of war, and basically it will be deemed as a flip flop from the non-black community. The average Buzz caller will be overjoyed. The scorched Earth goal of the boycotters just got a shot in the arm. I really now see that no one in the boycott "leadership" wants this to ever end, unless all of us non-black people just leave town, which unfortunately sounds like the goal of many of the boycotters.

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