Sunday, March 30, 2003

Peter Arnett to State-Run Iraqi TV: American War Plan Has Failed
Fox News is beating this story into the ground. Now why would they do this? Hmmm, let me think, why would Fox News want to play up a story about a reporter for a competing cable news outlet? I know today has been a slow war news day, but I thought even FOX had limits to the crass level they would sink to. John Gibson, an anchor for FOX, let out pure commentary out in the 11:00 PM hour on Sunday, he basically called Arnett a traitor. I know that I am pissing in the wind when I complain about FOX, but I will do it anyway. FOX news followers, "FOX Fans" as the network calls them, worship the network as a religion. Any questioning of the "faith" makes you a heretic. If you can't face the fact that FOX News is biased towards a "conservative" viewpoint, then discussing anything with you would be pointless. Now, I can just hear the FOX fans bitching about CNN. Calling it "liberal" or communist or other blind labels placed on it. CNN is marketed to a centrist/moderate audience. That means to the middle of America, which is socially moderate and fiscally conservative. That means they are socially semi-tolerant, not religious fanatics while pro-free trade and follow the NYSE. Anyone who is not exactly what a FOX fan thinks is "normal" is considered "liberal". Middle America does not mean the Midwest, it generally means the urban and suburban population.

Of course I am exaggerating here, but FOX has gone overboard on the nationalistic fervor. Oliver Willis is being attacked by a whole slew of knee-jerk Jingoists for making a much tamer and more succinct rebuke of FOX. The ad hominem attacks against him are amazing. They are not surprising in this hyper-emotional war season, but still are disappointing.

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