Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Local Blogger's Registration Messed Up

Ethan Hahn of Queen City Soapbox reports he was not listed as being registered. What makes no sense is that he has lived in the same place for two years and voted in each election during that time. His wife who voted with him at the time was listed and was able to vote, but he was not. How could this have screwed up? This kind of thing should not happen. If he had moved and it had mess up that is one thing, but this sound like a serious error at the BOE. Ethan will have more later.

He was allowed to cast a provisional ballot, which is odd. I guess showing he lived in the precinct was what he had to do be allowed to cast the provisional ballot. His case should be reviewed and I hope the BOE can give him some answers.

UPDATE: Ethan has gotten some answers and it appears a new registrant's name was similar to his and they treated that new registration as a change to his, which was incorrect. His vote should count and they have fixed the problem. What this points out however is that the volume of new registration really caused some problems at the BOE. This is not the only case of this type of thing. I think some of the money the Federal government gave to Ohio for voting machines might best be spent on human beings auditing the registration roles for oddities like Ethan's case before today.

UPDATE #2: Ethan has a full recap of the resolution.

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