Thursday, May 26, 2011

Council Member Wayne Lippert Supports COAST

Cincinnati council member Wayne Lippert is set to be a "co-host" of a fundraiser for COAST's political action committee for a June event featuring national conservative-activist Grover Norquist.

Yes, that is "the" COAST.

That is the COAST bent on doing what ever it can to block any type of progress and development the City is trying to push forward.

That is the same COAST that mocks people who live anywhere in the City of Cincinnati that isn't either majority white or majority upper-middle class.

That is the same COAST that has no known members who actually live in the City of Cincinnati.

That is the same COAST that purports lies about anyone and everyone that dares speak out against their vitriol.

You may be wondering why a member of Cincinnati City Council would support a group like COAST. I'm wondering the same thing.  COAST represents the mindset that has been holding Cincinnati back.  What possible reason would any member of council support this group?  Sure, there is the political angle, which likely is part of the game here.  There is suburbanite money to be gained, and COAST has some far right-ring surban money out to keep the city down.  There has to be more to it than that.  Ok, fine, Grover Norquist is a well know speaker to Conservatives.  If one wants to go the event as a Republican, I can comprehend doing so.  I don't get "co-hosting" the event to benefit a group like COAST.  That ties Lippert to the group more than just attending the event.  This links Lippert to everything COAST has done.

When COAST wastes tax payer money to file a nuisance lawsuit against the City and the Mayor because they seek to harm the Mayor's personal financial income, that is something that will be linked to Lippert.

Some would ask how I can claim Lippert is going to be linked to everything COAST or a member of COAST does.  Well, that is rather easy.  Lippert will be linked to COAST because he chose to support them and every time he does not voice his disagreement with a position or action they take, I believe it's fair game to assume he concurs with it.  When they do something outrageous and offensive and Lippert does not denounce it, then his silence is a clear sign of agreement.  That is the bargain made when you "co-sponsor" an event and willfully show your support for a political organization.  You buy it, you own it.  Those who get into bed with the Local NAACP, for example, are burdened with the selfishness that is Chris Smitherman, so this fits along the same lines.  The problem here is that the local NAACP is in bed with COAST, so that type of mutual opportunism reeks of hazing at a really dreadful frat house, but that's a whole different topic.

What I am seeing Lippert and nearly all of the other Republican candidates for city council do is play politics like this is Washington, D.C.  They are playing alliances like they are either running for a Federal level office or for a suburban township board of trustees.  We live in a city.  It is a real place. We have Democrats here that make up a majority of populace.  We also have citizens who mostly believe in reality.  COAST lives in a fantasy land with an antebellum political philosophy that ignores the reality of the last 150 years.  Over that time cities were and are the center of progress.  We didn't win two world wars from ideas formed on farms or cul-de-sacs, we won them from the ideas born in urban areas.  Cities foster ideas on how to live with each other, not on ideas on how to live apart.  If Lippert wants to be a leader, he needs to lead the GOP and himself away from the nut-cases like COAST.  If not, he's going to end up another nut-case.

A first step for Wayne is to voice why he's supporting COAST (or denounce them for their tactics).  I'll open up my blog for a response from him or his campaign, published without alteration. Drop me a line and I'll get it up as quickly as I can.  I want to understand why a Cincinnati council member supports COAST and I believe the rest of you out there want to know the same thing, so I look forward to a retort of my comments.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Enquirer Still Lacking on Analysis, Producing More Bias

It is not new for the Enquirer to specially highlight crime in OTR over other areas, but when they do, it would be less biased if they did a few things.

  1. Know the neighborhood better: Do the analysis and show where in OTR the crimes have taken place. You could answer better why something is happening statistically if you know where in the neighborhood these crimes are taken place. There are a couple of hot spots.  Then you might answer why police don't target those areas.
  2. Before putting of this type of news report, tell us who is publishing it and why they are doing this know. Are council members using this for political gain?
  3. If you are going to talk about increases, why not share the attention where shootings have risen at as high or higher rates, like in Northside, Lower Price Hill, Madisonville, North Avondale, and Bond Hill.
  4. Why does the article address why Avondale's rate fell so much? In 2010 Avondale had almost twice as many shootings. In 2011 it had about half as many.
  5. Why weren't any residents who live say North of Liberty in OTR interviewed, or not included in the article? I guess that get's back to my first point, something Journalist no longer do: know the people and areas they cover.
  6. Why not ask why police don't patrol OTR as much anymore?  Are shootings up in one place and down in other because of where police patrol and the drug dealing and criminal element go where the police are not?

WLWT recently focused on a why the recent anti-crime blitz of OTR failed, but their story covering the same story the Enquirer covered instead focued on the overall murder rate and police calls for more resources. They didn't target OTR the same way, they lumped the whole city together, a different type of bias. WKRC has similar story to WLWT.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Live Penguins at the Know Theatre!!!!!!!

DougScout out did himself for the final installment of the the Saga of DougScout.

Help the Know Theatre keep DougScout and the rest of the staff and company continuing to make amazing theatre right here in Over-the-Rhine. Head to their donate now page, click on the donate Today button and give what you can. The more you give, the happier you will feel, guaranteed!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Data Comparisons Can Due Wonders

I don't know how long it would have taken, but some Cincinnati City Official found out that 400+ City of Cincinnati Employees have outstanding parking tickets to the City.  I can personally attest that a comparison like this wouldn't take long.  Say 15 minutes if you have two lists with compatible indexes.  A little longer if reformatting would be involved, but any database software and/or a spreadsheet tool would due.  Why wasn't this done before?  Why just now?  I think it would be a good idea for any government to compare any list of individuals who owe it money to those who are employees by such government. There may be laws against this in some jurisdictions, but if there are, they should be repealed immediately.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kasich Is Waxing His Pinto

Prince John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, is playing chicken with Casino developers and they just gunned their muscle car directly at Kasich's Pinto. He really might want to consider swerving his Pinto out of the way or he will end up as roadkill.

Winburn Stunt Backfires: Streetcar Support Shines!

Cincinnati City Council Member Charlie Winburn's stunt backfired Wednesday night when Cincy Streetcar supports turned out in great numbers to politely voice their support for the Streetcar and for the city as special council session called by Winburn and other Council Republicans. Social media reports indicated that 40 out of 45 citizen speakers were in favor of the Streetcar project. Several attendees reported on Twitter that many of the the small number of Streetcar opponents were disruptive and all anti-streetcar speakers yelled into the microphone and spoke longer than the two minutes alloted.

Another report indicated that alleged candidate for Cincinnati City Council and local NAACP president Chris Smitherman had a confrontation of some type, possibly with security in council chambers.  If the political reporters are not paying attention and don't report on his antics, then they are propping up his candidacy just to attract readers or viewers.

The clear message was the Streetcar has strong support from Cincinnati and the handful of people who are against it couldn't muster up enough suburbanites to drive downtown at 6PM on a Wednesday. We also saw Charlie Winburn comes across like a fool, playing a game instead of doing his job. All that's left to see how the mainstream media butchers the story in favor of the nut cases (like COAST and Smitherman) or of the Republican Council members who played more for contributions and Westside votes than they did actually constructively discussing the issue.

UPDATE:  Here's the Enquirer Story with more on Smitherman's apparent angry reaction to getting his picture taken.  Other than covering the Smitherman outburst, the article gives the usual bias against the Streetcar by given the opposition to the Streetcar more ink than to view of supporters the overwhelming number in attendance.  It isn't balanced when you report the number of supporters, but quote a small percentage of them, while giving 2 of 5 of the anti-streetcar speakers opinions in the article, adding to it the anti-streetcar Republicans comments and you get a biased story.  What we have come to expect from the Enquirer on this topic.

Golf Rankings Clearly Are Worth the Time of a Political Reporter

I for one am 'totally ecstatic' that the Enquirer's Washington based political reporter blogged about the golf handicap of John Boehner. That has relevance, surely it does. Golf handicaps are a 'true' measure of political power and everyone in the world knows this. How do you think the seating arrangements work at GOP National convention!

At least the reporter mentioned that although Boehner has a much better handicap than President Obama, VP Joe Biden crushes them both. Gotta be impartial, exept when it comes to the focus of the story, because it appears people in West Chester want to read about the Speaker of the House only in a positive or human interest sort of a way. Gotta be a 'Homer" after all and you can't make the Speaker of the House look worse than the VP, except in the order of succession.

I think the Enquirer can just fire all of its Sport reporters, since they were scooped by the political beat with this Earth shattering blog post.

I am so much better off for knowing all of this. I can't count the ways that my political knowledge has grown. I can't think of any other political stories that could possibly be more important. Zero. None. Nada.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DougScout Of The Dance...

Help the Know Theatre pay for DougScout's dance classes or he's going to dance at your wedding and he's not going to be drunk!

Winburn Uses Council Meeting For Campaign Stunt

Council member Charlie Winburn wants to have a Council Meeting during his Campaign Stunt. So he's gotten the two appointed Republican council members to help him create a faux council meeting to use a prop in his Campaign for city council. This meeting takes place Wednesday evening (May 11th) at 6PM, so if you have time, go down and ask Charlie Winburn why he is using a council meeting as a prop in his Campaign stunt. I'd also advise asking him why he sent out a pdf flier about his campaign stunt disguised as a Council meeting with his picture on it with a doozy of a quote, which reads:
“Although I do not support the streetcar, I think we need to hold the Mayor, City Manager, and City Council accountable for wasting $99 million of taxpayer money.
So, first, what a poorly written quote. It reminds me of using the same word more than once in a sentence. Like: The fast lemming moved really fast over the cliff. Secondly, what kind of an ass emails this kind of thing from his council email? It is tacky. It is a waste of time and resources and it's only purpose is to give Winburn (and his GOP accomplices) a platform to campaign for council.  It doesn't appear to break any obvious rules, but it certainly was designed to skirt the law and promote his candidacy.  Here's what it looked like:
A classless act, but it's nothing new from Winburn.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Slow Local News Day or is WCPO Just Saving Money?

This morning I opened WCPO's Website and found that four of the seven top stories on their Front Page were Not local stories. Here's how it looked:
The three local stories are:
  1.  A weather story
  2. A wedding story with a Royal Tie in
  3. A story about the report that a bid move is to be filmed in the Cincinnati area
So, nothing important appears to be happening in Ohio or the Cincinnati area that is not the weather, human interest, or entertainment.  We must have a perfectly run State Government that is not trying to gut funding for a huge list of schools.  We must not have an election for City Council taking place in a few months.  We must not have a search going on for a new Police Chief.  We must not have a Casino project under threat from the Governor.
    Those stories may have a story buried on the website, but they are not important enough to have stories on the front page to get your attention.  Instead, you get weather, fluff, and stories with good pictures or about something that may in some minor way affect your kids.  Exurbanites appear to be kid obsessed, so get their attention and you have them hooked. None of these non-local stories cost anything extra to WCPO because they were written by a non-local journalist.  They are cheap and catch the eyes of the non-engaged reader who might care about reading topics that they could get on many national news outlets.

    Yes, local TV news sucks.  This isn't a rarity, this is what it does.  If a local story is big enough, it takes the lead, otherwise the rest if filler from affiliates with stories that matter more other places or belong on national outlets.  This is NOT a plot to keep people ignorant, this is what the masses consume.  You, the reader, don't care much about local news, so no one tries to sell you on it very often.  Our willful desire to be ignorant about what is happening in our communities helps create horrible local journalism.  If you want Walmart, that is what you will get.

    Wednesday, May 04, 2011

    Chris Bortz Is Running For Council

    Cincinnati City Council Member Chris Bortz will seek another term on council, his last before being term-limited.

    The Charter Committee endorsed candidate had been on the fence about running, but has publicly made his decision to run.

    Bortz has strong backing and likely will do well in the election. He puts a dent into the chance of adding new faces to City Council. All current officer holders are running, so no open seats are up for grabs, but three current officer holders are unelected appointees and will face stiff challenge from several candidates.

    Monday, May 02, 2011

    Osama Bin Laden Is Dead: Justice.

    The criminal Osama Bin Laden has been killed by American forces. The death of any human being is never something to be joyous about, but this is justice. This was necessary. This was an honorable act. The horror this man caused was unfathomable by most people, less the few who lived through it or had a relative or friend killed by this murderer. The only thing more satisfying than his death would have been to parade this criminal into a courtroom to put him on trial for his crimes against humanity, but this evil man likely would never have been taken alive.

    I applaud our government and the American forces who took action to ride the world of this criminal.

    Bin Laden's death will not end terrorism in the world and will not end al Qaeda, but this is a blow to those who seek to murder the innocent in a delusional effort to push forth a twisted ideological/religious stance on the world.

    Saturday, April 30, 2011

    Teilen/Rhine Brings Community Together May 1st at MOTR

    Tomorrow May 1st a new way to "share yourself" starts off with Teilen at MOTR. The event is the first in series that will travel throughout the area that will invite participants to share their stories. Admission is free and it begins at 6PM at MOTR, located at 1345 Maint Street.

    iRhine has more.

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    OTR Picnic To Benefit Tucker's Shooting Victims Saturday April 30th

    The first annual OTR picnic will be held this Saturday (tomorrow April 30th) in St. Francis Seraph’s secret garden (corner of Vine & Liberty) from 1-5pm. Come join us celebrate spring with live music from Robin Lacey & Dezydeco and the Wild Mountain Berries. Food will be provided and drinks will be available to purchase. Organizers will raffle loads of Downtown items thanks to our neighboring retailers and restaurants.

    A $10 donation is requested at the door and the event is open to the public. All proceed will go to Carla Tucker and Ronisha Burgin, the two women injured during the shooting at Tucker's Restaurant in January 2011.

    Special thanks to the event's partners & contributing parties: Coca-Cola, Christian Moerlein, Arnold’s Bar & Grill, The B-List in Bellevue, KY, Dewey’s Pizza, Dr. Dennis Suggs, Findlay Market,
    The Lackman, Lavamatic, Local 127, Madison’s at Findlay, Maumee World Traders, Mica, Milton’s Prospect Hill Tavern, MidPoint Music Festival, Motr Pub, Neon’s Unplugged, Park + Vine, PetWants, Queen City Underground Walking Tours, Rookwood Tile, Segway of Cincinnati, Senate, Shadeau Bread & Shalini Latour.

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    It's DougScout vs Tarbell: Give to the Know Theatre

    If you were expecting King Kong vs Godzilla, you might be disappointed, but you can share the legendary view on who is who? DougScout has some King Kong qualities, but Tarbell does as well. The only way to solve the mystery is to go to see the Know's production of the Dragon! There you will have to ask a staff member: "Does DougScout symbolize King Kong or Godzilla?" You will need to ask more than one staff member, since you will certainly get more than one answer.

    Help the Know Theatre keep DougScout out of trouble. A newspaper route doesn't keep wayward boys on the right track by itself.

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    No Free Lunch for Cops

    The People of Cincinnati should not be subsidizing private money making efforts of police officers. 100% of the costs of administering the off-duty private details should be paid by either the police or the private groups that are their customers. I find it amazing that most of the conservatives on council, according to the Enquirer, want the city to subsidize the private business interests of Cincinnati Police officers.

    Council Member Leslie Ghiz made a proposal to only charge police officers a much smaller flat fee for their private business enterprize's costs. This smaller fee would bar far not pay for the expenses incurred to administer the enterprise and Ghiz is seeking to make up the budget by cutting the Mayor's office and the Office of Enviornmental Quality by #100,000. Additionally she wants to cut the HEALTH DEPARTMENT by $200,000. Yes, it appears Ghiz favors police officers making money for themselves, (outside of their full time job to serve the pubic) over the health of the citizens of Cincinnati. I know she's a shill for the FOP, but I think this is taking things a bit too far. It was also really disappointing to see Chris Bortz and Wayne Lippert supporting Ghiz's plan to subsidize the police's private business. I don't see how this can be seen as anything other than a political ploy for an FOP endorsement. Winburn played it down the middle, and for some unknown reason abstained. Is he church a customer of the off-duty police enterprise?

    Monday, April 25, 2011

    CincyPac Kicks off the 2011 Election Season With Fundraiser

    CincyPac, the YPish based polical action group is kicking of it's activities in the 2011 election season with a fundraiser and the chance for politically mind people to network, drink and maybe learn a little bit about this year's elections. Neon's is the spot this Friday, April 29th, where you can participate in a the happy hour starting at 5:30 and stay for the scavenger hunt starting at 7:30.  Details are here.

    Friday, April 22, 2011

    DougScout: The Movie Will Blow You Away Like the Wind - Support the Know Theatre!

    Help the Know Theatre make this movie into the best Theatre humanly possible for one person to write, produce, direct, stage manage, sound design, make cosumtes, and act in.  Give them some money!!!!!

    Ok, excuse the next part of the this blog post as I gratuitously play for getting a quote on the DougScout movie poster:
    You'll pee your pants if you see this movie. You'll poop your pant if you don't
    B. Griffin - Cincinnati Blog

    Thursday, April 21, 2011

    State of the City Speech Tonight: What Will the Mayor's Message Be?

    Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory will give his State of the City Speech tonight (April 21st) at the Duke Center. This will be an opportunity for the Mayor to update the City on what the next step will be for the Streetcar Project, since State funding was removed for partisan political reasons by Ohio Governor John Kasich. I hope the takes advantage of that opportunity.  We need a plan to move forward.

    With the City elections coming up later this year, I also wonder if the speech will contain other issues that will form a rally point for Democratic candidates, both incumbents and challengers. The Mayor is a lame duck, so he does not have the sway inside the city's political circles. There is a Federal election coming up in 2012 and no Democratic candidates have announced, so if the Mayor is looking to put his hat into the ring and face Steve Chabot, this would be a chance to preview himself to a wider audience.

    Candidates for congress in 2012 need to be working towards that immediately, if they plan on winning. The only thing holding them back is redistricting, which will be controlled by Republicans. The issue facing us locally will be how much of Hamilton County will Republicans give to District 1 (Chabot) and how much do they give District 2 (Schmidt). Hamilton County is majority Dem right now, barely, so neither incumbent really wants more of the County in their district, unless you cut it up like Swiss cheese.

    If Mayor Mallory doesn't run, who else is positioned to run?

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    MPMF Announced Indie Summer Series Initial Headliners

    The Midpoint Music Festival has announced the initial headliners for the first portion of Indie Summer at Fountain Square.

    June 3rd: You You’re Awesome with Javelin and Lydia Burrell
    June 10th: Neon Indian with Oberhofer.
    June 17th: Maps & Atlases
    June 24th: Asobi Seksu with Prussia.
    July 1st: Pomegranates
    July 8th: Big Freedia

    The remainder of the headliners and opening acts will be announced later in the year.

    How Did you Ride Out the Storm?

    The warning sirens echoing off buildings woke me up around 1:30 AM this morning and the sights out my window were quite alarming. Seeing rain drops pushed by the brutal wind like blowing snow in a winter blizzard was unsettling even to my usually calm nerves. Other than venturing out to close the hallway window in my building, I stayed in my condo and watched TV for about 20 minutes until things calmed back down.

    I was able to get back to sleep rather easily, so my lost period of slumber hopefully won't affect me like those up all night. I predict the line at Coffee Emporium will be out the door this morning.

    Damage I hope wasn't too bad for most people. There are reports of chairs been ripped of decks in OTR and many trees were toppled, including this one into a house in Mt. Lookout.

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    Pones Inc 3rd B-Day Bash April 23rd at the Avenue

    Move your ass on down to the Avenue in Covington this Saturday April 23rd to celebrate Pones Inc's third year of existence with a Red Hot, Off the Chain Birthday Extravaganza.

    Support local theatre with a modest suggested $3 donation at the door. Details:
    • Launch of Pones Inc. NEW SWAG Line (including t-shirts & bumper stickers)
    • Launch of Pones Inc. Donation Feature on Website
    • Back to Back Local Bands and DJs
    • Pizza and Cake
    • Graffiti Wall
    • Party Favors
    • Videos and Projection
    • Dance Party and
    • Get your DRINK On
    Saturday April 23rd 8pm -2am
    The Avenue Lounge and Patio
    411 Madison Ave.

    The Remaining Joesph-Beth Bookstores to be Autioned

    Joesph-Beth Booksellers is in bankruptcy and has closed four of its nine stores, but reportedly a financing plan was rejected forcing the remaining five stores to be sold at auction. This of course includes the store in Norwood near Hyde Park, which is a main stop for well know authors on book tours.

    The impression I get from the article is that the auction would intend to keep the business going, but I don't see how that can be assumed. In an auction the buyer usually has pretty much no strings attached if they pay the price bid, but in this type of business auction, there may be other rules or requirements.

    It will be a dark day for books if Joesph-Beth closes. There are so few book stores left and e-books are becoming so common that the future of retail book selling is not bright for small or even medium sized companies.  Book stores used to be a core pillar of American Intellectualism.  Now, Walmart sells more books than any other company.  They have a horrible selection and censor books at the drop of a hat.  Knowing what to read should not be left to the Walmarts nor to online popularity lists at Amazon.

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    A Cincinnati Police Officer Shot and Killed a Man in Northside

    Details this morning are very limited but news reports indicate that a Cincinnati Police officer shot and killed a man early Monday morning around 3AM in Northside near Chase and Georgia Avenues.

    A press conference is scheduled at 11AM.

    WCPO is reporting that police were called to a location on Chase Avenune to "intervene" in some type of situation.

    WLWT also reported what sounded like a rumor that the suspect may have been involved in a shooting from the prior night. I could not find any news reports of a shooting either on Sunday or Saturday.

    More from the Enquirer.

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    Cincinnati Council Candidate to Appear at Glendale 'Tea Party' Event

    The Glendale 'Tea Party' is holding a Tax Day Rally and are featuring Cincinnati Republican Council Candidate Catherine Smith Mills. Their website even includes a reference to here as "Cincinnati Council Conservative Candidate."

    Why would a candidate for Cincinnati City Council make an appearance in Glendale, outside the City of Cincinnati. at a far right-wing political event? Is she looking for contributions from the likes of Finney and Mike Wilson. Too bad they are doing everything they can to hurt the City.

    How can this win her votes in this election? Are there a significant number of citizens who would vote for a candidate who looks outside the City for Support and finds it in anti-Cincinnati groups?

    If one wants to gain votes from the people of Cincinnati, it might help if you'd spend more time with them, and less time with those trying to undermine the city. I guess some might call that conventional wisdom. I'm sure a high-priced political consultant advised Ms. Smith Mills to head to the Suburbs to find money, but damn it looks bad. She's hanging out with a bunch of nutty crack pots. I guess she's writing off every moderate vote in the City.

    I suggest that is she wants to appeal to suburbanite Republicans, she move to where she can actually represent them in public office.

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    DougScout Washing Cars, But the Know Still Needs Your Support

    Support the Know Theatre or DougScout will wash your car!

    Help The Governor: Tell Him What Is NOT Cool

    In an effort to reach out across party lines, I will am making a 'sincere' effort to help Ohio Governor John Kasich Understand what is and what is not cool. He made it clear that he wants Ohio to be cool, so we can attract younger people to the state. (No this was not an Onion story) To make it easy, I thought I would point out a bunch of stuff that is NOT cool. These are random things, that I am sure he already knows, but just needs a little refresher.

    Ok, so things that are NOT Cool:
    • Lawn darts
    • Driving a Hummer full of $4 dollar a gallon gas to the suburbs
    • Milli Vanilli
    • Zima
    • MySpace
    • Handguns
    • Lawn Jockeys
    • War
    • Banning same-sex marriage
    • American Idol
    • FOX News
    • Destroying the freedom for women to control their own bodies
    • Canceling a high speed rail project that would create 16,000 jobs
    • Making it more difficult to vote
    • Cutting funding for the arts
    • Pushing religion on others
    • Being anti-urbanist
    • Asphalt
    • Cul-de-sacs
    • Taking political revenge on Cites, like Cincinnati, for not voting for you
    • Revoking a grant to build a Streetcar project that would develop the inner city
    • Taking away the rights of Ohio citizens to collectively bargain
    • Being anti-public transit, especially rail projects
    • Mocking Portland, then praising Austin for basically the same reasons

    So that's a start, what else can you share with the Governor to help him know what is NOT Cool.

    Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    Bunbury Musc Festival Coming to Sawyer Point in 2012

    Soapbox's Sean Rhiney has an interview with Bill Donabedian, managing director of Fountain Square and co-founder of the Midpoint Music Festival (along with Rhiney), and they discuss Donabedian's plans to hold a music festival called Bunbury in July of 2012 along the Ohio River at Sawyer Point.

    Plans are for a "Lollapaloza" or "Pitchfork" type of festival which would have a combination of the best of local music and national acts. Donabedian's ideal would be to have groups like "The National" and "Flaming Lips". I'd presume he'd include more locals along the lines of Bad Veins, the Seedy Seeds, and Wussy, but that's just my speculation.

    I love the idea. I really hope it can give the right mix of national, regional, and local acts. I also am pleased that it doesn't appear to be conflicting with any other big local indie music event.  It does appear to be occurring during the World Choir games taking place in Cincinnati in 2012.  I don't know if that is intended or not.  With a large group of people already here, that is good, but there could be some logistical issues.

    Bunbury would no matter what be a great way for Midpoint to market to music fans and get them to come to that event the following September.  Other music venues or events could also find opportunity getting their names known to fans and music acts by helping out (Southgate House, MOTR, Northside Tavern, Mayday, and Comet come to mind.)

    I look forward to hearing more details on how the festival will work and who the team will be to get it done.

    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    Smitherman Is Running, Supposedly

    The Enquirer is reporting that local NAACP President Chris Smitherman is running for City Council. He said this before, so I will believe it when he is on the ballot.

    We have a clear lack of independent candidates running, so adding more is a good thing, but Smitherman is an attention whore concerned only about himself. His one term on council was a worthless disaster and he managed to piss off so many people that he lost the next election. He wants attention and I expect the Enquirer will give him all he wants, as they do on a regular basis, while ignoring other news. Now they'll just ignore other candidates in favor of the three ring circus.

    We don't need a political circus and that is all Smitherman does. He will makes some outlandish comments, make some implausible and divisive proposals and will not be criticized by the Enquirer.

    Let's just hope this is yet another Smitherman ploy, that will fade away faster than the stench of rotten meat.

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    So Is Sheree Paolello Biased Or Just a Jerk?

    WLWT news anchor Sheree Paolello made this open mic goof back on March 31st, mocking former Congressman Steve Driehaus:

    So is she biased or just a jerk? I doubt she intentionally did this, but is it a sign of a political opinion that is lurking deep below the surface? On the other hand, she could be a jerk who likes to mock politicians. Either way, she's looks really petty and foolish, two things you don't want in a TV news anchor.

    Via Kiesewetter.

    Saturday, April 09, 2011

    Democratic Party Endorsements for Council Made Official

    CityBeat's Kevin Osborne has the run down of Thursday's meeting of the Cincinnati Democratic Committee, where endorsements for Cincinnati City Council were made official. No surprises arose and the recommended slate was approved. The endorsements are:

    Nicholas Hollan
    Roxanne Qualls
    Laure Quinlivan
    Jason Riveiro
    Chris Seelbach
    Yvette Simpson
    P.G. Sittenfeld
    Cecil Thomas
    Wendell Young

    Friday, April 08, 2011

    Happy Arnold's Bar and Grill Day!

    Today in the City of Cincinnati it is officially Arnold's Bar and Grill Day! Head to Arnold's to celebrate 150 years of a history, drinks, and great food.

    The Enquirer has a look back at Arnold's history through photos. Political events run deep at Arnold's.

    If you are interested in more Cincinnati political history, check out Boss Cox's Cincinnati: Urban Politics in the Progressive Era (Urban Life and Urban Landscape Series)

    Thursday, April 07, 2011

    Anniversary of Thomas Shooting and Riots Remembered

    Today, April 7, 2011, marks the 10th anniversary of the shooting of Timothy Thomas by Stephen Roach, then a Cincinnati Police officer. Thomas was unarmed and fleeing from police when shot. This incident sparked the Riots which began on April 9th after a heated City Council Committee meeting.

    Both the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Herald had multiple stories recently remembering what happened 10 years ago and looking forward to where we are now.

    From the Enquirer:
    Special Section Cincinnati Riots
    Changes in policing
    A different struggle

    From the Herald:
    City was in crisis during civil unrest of 2001
    How far we’ve come since 2001
    Looking back a decade—

    I recall how vivid tension that filled the streets was back then. I remember walking Downtown during the day and I could sense the tension. It is a feeling that was likely all in my head since I was following the unfolding events very closely, but it was a feeling I can remember to this day. I don't know if it is because I live in Over-the-Rhine now or that we have changed, but that tension is gone. Many of those at the forefront of the protests have retreated from the public eye or just left town, so I don't know how much that has changed the feel of the city over the last 10 years.

    I believe the City and its citizens have changed. That change has been positive. The police have a much improved attitude towards the public, particularly the black community. We have outlets for the citizens to voice their views. We still do have a significant separation between the communities, something we must still work on. Much of that separation is rooted in socio-economic differences, but much of it is culture. The cultures of our city still are very different and don't like to mix. We don't communicate outside of our own culture as often as we could or should. Since the animosity towards the city continues to fester in large sectors of the suburban and exurban areas, we can't afford to not have a wider community in the city working together. I hope we can improve the connections to that macro community for everyone.

    Stop a DougScout From Crying: Donate to the Know Theatre Today

    Go to and Donate today!

    Wednesday, April 06, 2011

    Cincinnati Band Walk the Moon Featured on Carson Daily Show

    Cincinnati Band Walk the Moon was at SXSW the year and got the notice of the Carson Daily Show, here's the segment:

    Lead singer Nicholas Petricca appeared in a Cincinnati Fringe Festival show last year and made many connections. The music video highlighted in the Carson Daily show you can see Pones Inc., Cincinnati Fringe veterans, who helped out Walk the Moon in making the video.

    Summer Will Bring Taste of Belgium to Gateway Quarter

    Polly Campbell blogs some great news about a new Taste of Belgium cafe coming to the heart of the Gateway Quarter. A big congratulations goes out to owner Jean-Francois Flechet on this news. I look forward to having another dinning spot on Vine Street this Summer.

    Anti-City Zealot Farts and the Enquirer Rushes in to Sniff

    I think if anti-City extremist Chris Finney were to write a letter to Santa Claus containing nothing but the first 100 names in the Cincinnati Bell white pages, the Enquirer would write a story about it. If you promote EVERYTHING a political group does with a positive 'news' story then you have a bias. That bias is either for the group or a bias against the people or organizations that group is attacking.

    Monday, April 04, 2011

    Donate to the Know Theatre Right NOW!

    Theatre, as an art form, brings unmeasurable value to a society. Theatre  provides humanity a purpose. That purpose is a journey of discovery to understand what it means to be human. Here in Cincinnati one Theatre company speaks to me more than any on that journey of discovery and that is the Know Theatre.

    It takes money to make a theatre work and right now the Know needs your help. Impending budget cuts at the State are going to make it difficult for all arts organizations to make ends meet, and that includes the Know. We must as a community do everything that we can to keep our society on a path of discovery. I've chosen to donate a modest amount to the Know Theatre. I ask that you help out Now as well. Check out the Know's website with the details on how your can give. Remember that any sum can help. $20 goes a long way. $100 can go further.

    With the Cincinnati Fringe Festival Coming up in less than two months, your funds will be put to great use to keep the lights on for an organization that is vital to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and the entire arts community.

    Also, be sure to see their latest production, The Dragon.  I got to see it on opening night and was amazed with the work.  The show is a co-production with MadCap Puppets and should not be missed.  It runs through May 7th.

    Chris Bortz to Decide on Council Run Within Two Weeks

    Cincinnati City Council Member Chris Bortz will make his decision on running for City Council within a couple weeks. Council Member Bortz tells the Cincinnati Blog that it has been his habit to wait until the Spring of an election year to make the decision to run or not. The question of whether Chris Bortz will get a Charter Committee endorsement has has already been answered , and that answer is an undramatic yes.

    Sunday, April 03, 2011

    Bloody Mary Rankings From: get in mah belly

    I personally don't like tomato juice, but if you want to know about local bloody mary hits and misses check out Liz's take with the get in mah belly bloody mary rankings for Cincinnati, so far.

    Saturday, April 02, 2011

    The Enquirer is On Top of the Important News!

    Yes, the Cincinnati Enquirer knows what news is important to its readers and they write about it.

    Stadium Mustard is really important. We need reporters to spend time tracking down the news stories that matter. Mustard matters and don't you forget it!

    Friday, April 01, 2011

    Damon Lynch III's Church to Leave Over-the-Rhine

    I find it very surprising that the New Prospect Baptist Church is leaving Over-the-Rhine. I am surprised that Damon Lynch III would do that. From a pure practical perspective, the article lays out a case for the church, which appears to want a more big box church facility. That's not something you would find in OTR. I thought, however, that part of the Church's mission was to reach the trouble youth of the inner-city, which places them right where they need to be. Are they abandoning that mission or are do they see that mission being more of an issue in other neighborhoods in the City? On the other hand are they looking to capitalize on the demand for property in that part of OTR?

    I am really not sure what to make of this. What does it say about the neighborhood? We are days away from the 10th anniversary of the killing to Timothy Thomas and the Riots of 2001 and a church that was at the epicenter of those events announces they are leaving the neighborhood. The neighborhood is on the upward rise. I want to live in a diverse neighborhood, and New Prospect leaving makes it less diverse. Or does it? As the article points out, most of the people going to the church don't live in OTR, so does this really affect much at all?

    Section 8 Housing in the Burbs? It's Hell Freezing Over Time!

    I know there are going to be curse words, shouts, and protests if 'public housing' increases in the suburban areas of Hamilton County, but since this is part of a deal to resolve a discrimination complaint, legal action to block the housing will have a bigger hurdle.

    It is only fair that 'public housing' is included in all areas of the county. It should also be inlcuded outside of the county as well, for I would surmise Warren County doesn't have much, if any, Section 8 housing.

    Sidenote: I am also very glad the Enquirer does not have comments turned on for that article. The racist and bigoted comments would fill up your screen if they did.

    Thursday, March 31, 2011

    Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    My Plan: Expose Meaningless Political Speech

    We all hate meaningless poltical speech, but politians continue to use it. Why? Well, the "we" I use means those reading this blog and other political commentary. That "we" doesn't include most people.  The average person in America doesn't bother to pay attention to anything other than American Idol. When they do finally pay attention it is for about 2 minutes and that is only enough time for a candidate to give a few political generalities about their ideas. 99% of the time they are meaningless.

    In the City Council Election we are going to see this a lot. Today I offer up the meaningless political speech of the week from Republican candidate Catherine Smith Mills. In a recent blog post on her campaign website she addressed her "Mills Means Jobs Plan." She emphasized it to the point of putting it in bold.

    I looked through her website for a white paper. I didn't find one. I looked for some type of listing of what the plan would entail. I didn't find anything. A plan to create jobs is not an easy thing to create, if you are actually going to write up how to create jobs.

    Instead I found this on her "issues" page:
    Mills Means Jobs: Job Creation, Retention, & Economic Development

    I support job creation and retention efforts for businesses, because a city with a strong tax base can support its services. We must stop unnecessary barriers for business creation and growth. The vitality of small businesses in Cincinnati and the cultivation of the entrepreneurial spirit are key components to our City’s future success. I will work to develop new polices[sic], research tax incentives, and create a business friendly atmosphere in which companies of all sizes have an opportunity to succeed.
    So her plan is nothing but typical light Republican fare with a little extra pro-business sauce on the side.

    That's not a plan, that just word tested meaningless political speech that maybe a few ignorant people will think means something. What she needs to do is tell the truth: She's willing to give away the farm to businesses, and hope they actually hire people here. She's not going to do anything that is unfriendly to them, so I presume that includes NOT making it legally binding that any give-away to business requires the business to maintain a number of jobs here in the City (as opposed to overseas or out of state.)  If Mills would do that, why not put it in print?

    What she has put out their so far is meaningless. There is no detail. There is the illusion of detail, but that is worse than no having no political rhetoric at all.

    Mills is not and will not be unique in this or any campaign. She's just the first I chose to look over. There will be more.  We can only hope other candidates will try a little harder to provide more details on their websites.

    The Mightly Casey Coston At Bat: Home Run

    Soapbox columnist Casey Coston's article this week elegantly summarizes the recent attacks being made on Cincinnati. Those attacks are not from a foreign land or even a different state, (Pittsburgh is not a suspect.) These attacks are coming from Exurban Ohio law makers bent on pushing an anti-Cincinnati, anti-urban, and dogmatic conservative agenda on the City of Cincinnati and the entire State of Ohio. We must not let this go unchallenged and must be heard. Kudos to Casey for this brazen commentary.

    Señor Roy's Taco Patrol to Close?

    This Tweet from @Señor Roy indicates the owners looking to get out of the business by selling the food truck.
    Señor Roy
    Wehave had a fabulous time with everyone, but for personal reasons, we have decided to offer SRTP for sale. Inbox fordetails
    There have been rumors going around that they might be going under, but this is the first credible comment I've seen that indicates the establishment may close. I've had good food from the mobile eatery, and will be sorry to see them go.

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Recommendations for Democratic Endorsements For Council Floated

    A listing of recommendations for the Democratic Council enforcements were made public at a recent fundraising event.  These are not finalized, but would be the preliminary slate, pending official action from the City Dems.  There are:

    Roxanne Qualls
    Laure Quinlivan
    Cecil Thomas
    Wendell Young

    Nicolas Hollan
    Jason Riveiro
    Chris Seelbach
    P.G. Sittenfeld
    Yvette Simpson

    Two key points:

    • It is unknown if Qualls and/or Simpson either have or are seeking the double endorsement from the Charter Committee.  If they don't, Charter may only have once candidate running (Kevin Flynn).
    • One name you don't see is Bernadette Watson.  She logically would be a good candidate, with her good showing in 2009, but not seeing her name on this list leads me to presume she is not running.
    On the Democratic and liberal side, I've not heard of anyone else running for office other than those on this list.  For all of my ranting about the GOP not fielding a full slate, the Dems barely have nine running.  At last count, there are only 15 confirmed candidates with Bortz and Smitherman still unknowns.  17 candidates total would be the lowest number as far back as I found online, 18 being the next lowest twice.

    Outside of the possible inclusion of Chris Smitherman, what we are missing are the fringe and crazy candidates.  It is still early, so maybe some unknowns will get into the race this summer.

    Buffalo Killers Play MOTR April 1st - No Fooling

    The Buffalo Killers Live at MOTR Pub
    1345 Main Street
    April 1st, 2011 - 10 PM
    2 Sets - No Cover

    No one is fooling you...well at least not about the Buffalo Killers.

    Come see one of Cincinnati best bands drive their Garage Blues groove straight into soul and out through your finger tips.

    Monday, March 28, 2011

    A Look Inside Saengerhalle - OTR

    It Appears Charlie Don't Surf

    City Council member Charlie Winburn is NOT looking to Serf come the end of June. Instead he has a different type of Endless Summer planned.

    I think he maybe should go for a swim in the Mill Creek, instead.

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Enquirer Prints Ignorant Anti-NPR 'Your Voice' Column

    Yes, this is another water is wet blog post, but the Cincinnati Enquirer again published a completely ignorant column.  This one is from someone named Pete Frank from Hamilton. Mr. Frank rambled on against PBS and NPR in something resembling a transcript from a talk radio caller.

    It is obvious that Pete Frank hasn't actually listened to NPR or watched his local PBS station.  If he had he would know that his 'column' is about as ignorant as you can be when it comes to public media.  I am confused, therefore, why the Enquirer would publish this.

    When you get someone using the phrases 'academic progressive elitist,' 'normal Americans,; and'socialist dribble,' mixed with a frothing at the mouth attack on all journalists, then I presume the Enquirer is actually laughing about this column. They find it comical.  It is so ignorant and filled with extremist talking points that it must be farce.  It makes little sense, but the vocabulary and grammar are no worse than mine, so Pete Frank is not unintelligent.  How else can you explain something to be so willfully ignorant and full of baseless and hollow points? I will not even get into him mentioning PBS, but ignoring it the rest of the 'column.'

    There is no other logical reason to publish this for the Enquirer than to be playing some type of inside joke. It basically implies liberals are not "normal" at least not in America, so what gives?

    While I know the Enquirer's editorial page is Republican, I don't think they are FOX News nutty. They at times can be full of shit as much as FOX News, but that comes with writing for Exurban audiences and the "Fourth Street" crowd. Are the Exurbanites around here as nutty as Pete Frank? Are local Business interests that closed minded?  Are there no more intellectual Republicans willing to actually speak up for fact and not hide behind their fear of public opinion within their voter/audience base? NPR and PBS are preserving American culture, almost without any help from the for-profit media world.

    I'm being serious here. I know there are many leftists out there who see conspiracy from the Enquirer and local Republicans and want to lump them in with the growing insane Tea Party wing of the GOP, but historically that is not the type views they have held. I am sure the editorial staff of the Enquier listen to the NPR as much as I do. Hell, I would bet former Enquirer columnists Peter Bronson listens as well. Most of the Editorial Board would surely find fault with NPR as anyone can with any organization. Would any editor at the Enquirer be able to willingly pander to the Pete Franks of the world and be able to look upon themselves as Journalists when they wake the next day and look in the mirror?  I hope they aren't doing that, and I hope this column was published as more of a joke than anything else.  Something tells me that it wasn't.

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    Creation Muesum Founder Banned from Home Schooling Convention For 'Ungodly' Comments

    The delusional mistaken founder of the Creation Muesum, Ken Ham, had been banned from a homeschool convention to take place in Cincinnati next week.

    He was banned for making "ungodly and mean-spirited" comments about another speaker at the convention who believes the biblical story of the fall of Adam and Even can be viewed as an allegory. The speaker Ham spoke against is Peter Enns of the Biologos Foundation. Here's the description of the group from its website:
    The BioLogos Foundation is a group of Christians, many of whom are professional scientists, biblical scholars, philosophers, theologians, pastors, and educators, who are concerned about the long history of disharmony between the findings of science and large sectors of the Christian faith
    Ham is clearly an extremist, but it takes a special kind of extremist to attack people who are trying to promote harmony between groups who share sometimes conflicting views. That kind of extremism has lead to violence in the past. This convention was wise to ban Ken Ham.

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Council Member Amy Murray Discovers Fire, Again.

    I don't know what book of clichés Council Member Amy Murray dug this media stunt from, but man it is old. Having the story on WVXU is foolish for two reasons. First it is foolish the local NPR affiliate WVXU fell for this stunt. There are surely better news stories in Cincinnati. The second is that the average listener/reader of WVXU is going to trend more educated, and more likely to see this as a hollow stunt. The NPR audience would also be more concerned about how much more her plan would cost. She's a Republican and won't raise taxes, so how many jobs will she cut to make this happen? PayGo, Amy, Paygo. If she gets this story on local TV news, then Suburbanites will eat this up. Too bad they can't vote for her.

    Kasich Cuts Cincinnati Funding, But Increases Exurban Columbus Funding

    In case you wanted to believe the lie that Kasich was going to cut the streetcar because we can't afford it, then read the Cincinnati Business Courier article reporting Jon Kasich's TRAC representatives seek to increase the Transportation budget for his home town. From the article:
    "Among the projects added is a $5 million improvement to an I-71 interchange in Delaware County and $2.7 million for an “east-west connector” in Pickaway County. Both projects are in the former Ohio Congressional district of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who has been an outspoken opponent of Cincinnati's streetcar project."
    Kasich's exurban home gets additional fund he can't justify, but Cincinnati does planning, does the research to prove the value of the Street, secures the federal funding, and we get screwed. How can people honestly buy this is not just political payback?

    In case you wondered, Cincinnati area projects got 82% of the TRAC cuts, but I couldn't find an increase in funding in any urban area.

    By the way, I'd like to hear local Republican officials defend Kasich on this. I could use a good laugh.

    Finally, if the Enquirer's Barry Hortsman knew what journalism entails, he might have included the facts from the Business Courier Story. Instead, he got quotes from Winburn and Finney, the Gary Busey and Mel Gibson of Cincinnati Intellectual discourse. Hortsman is not showing signs of being a marginally passable reporter, but showing signs of practicing what ever FOX News does.

    More from UrbanCincy.

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    Lippert Named to Replace Berding on Council and Begins With a Partisan Message

    Wayne Lippert Jr. has been named to replace Jeff Berding on Cincinnati City Council. He's wasted no time in putting a partisan foot forward by toting the anti-streetcar (and anti-downtown) message of the Republican Party.  Pretending to be open minded about the Streetcar, but then saying the only way possible to financing the project is "inappropriate" confirms either he is against the project or he doesn't know the details. If there are other ways to finance public transportation (like roads or a streetcar) than through Federal and State grants along with city bonds, then I'll be looking for his financing plan. If he's not looking for another plan, especially now when part of the funding is in peril, then he is just AGAINST the project and is trying to fool the small number of Republican Urbanists into thinking he will act to help develop the urban core.

    I hope Wayne is able to avoid caving into "special interests," as the article indicates, but talking about police and fire layoffs as only a last resort to fixing our budget issues is really hollow rhetoric and just spin.  Unless you are going to put police and fire layoffs on the table with equal footing to all other areas in the city budget, then you are caving into the dogma of the police and fire unions, and those are both special interests.  If Lippert falls in line with the rest of the Republicans on council and pushes to outsource as many city jobs to lower paying private vendors, then his hypocrisy will become clear.  The interests of business owners (as big of a special interest as you can get) who don't live or work here shouldn't be more important than the citizens of Cincinnati.

    Also, I really question the logic of anyone who thinks the government should be run like a business.  If you know how businesses are run, you know why this is a horrible idea.  It is a common mistake, but makes for a great sound-bite for many suckers out there.

    At this point Lippert is sounding like another Leslie Ghiz, he's just not pretending to be more moderate at the beginning and is starting off as a partisan Republican, getting it out of the way.  That's very disappointing.  I don't like partisan politics invading city politics.  I'm willing to listen to others who hold different political views than I do, and find common ground.  When you come out swinging with partisan talking points, then you are going to be viewed a partisan and against finding the Cincinnati community.  At this point the only people Wayne Lippert seems to reaching out to are suburban anti-city Republicans and the largly non-city resident police and fire unions. I dont' know who he plans on getting votes from, but he's not getting mine.

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    If Republicans Want to Help Voters, Then Include Auto Registratrion

    Two local Republicans are pushing a bill to reduce the number of voters, yet claim this will prevent voter fraud. Alex Triantafilou, chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party and chair of the Hamilton County Board of Elections thinks by making it more difficult to vote, it protects the right to vote. His logic escapes me and anyone else looking to increase voter turnout.

    If Republicans want to make assure their identity, but also are for more people voting, then there two things they can do:
    1. Investigate the 14% voter fraud in Indian Hill (I am half kidding on this.)
    2. If they require a state ID to vote, make it law that anyone with a valid State ID is then automatically registered to vote and you stay registered to vote as long as your ID is valid. Why would they be against this, unless they really don't want more people to vote?
    I'm not expecting either because the point of requiring photo ID is to reduce poorer, inner city, and minority voters. In other words, Democratic voters. Denying that is like denying water is wet or that Germans love David Hasselhoff.

    For Kasich It's Not About the Streetcar, It's All About His Political Agenda

    If anyone tells you that the reason Governor Kasich is pulling funding for Cincinnati Streetcar is anything other than Politics, then they are a fucking liar. You can tell them I am calling them a liar and you can put these simple political reasons back in their face:

    Kasich is pulling funding because:
    • He's looking to screw those that don't vote for him and the City of Cincinnati really didn't vote for him with only 28.77% supporting him, so Kasich plays hardball with State funds for revenge.
    • He's looking to do what his fellow Republicans want and Most (not all) of Cincinnati area Republican leaders are against the Streetcar as they are against nearly anything good for Cincinnati. If you don't think Kasich heard anti-Streetcar views from Hartman, Monzel, Ghiz, Winburn, Deters, Brinkman, Finney, Chabot, Triantafilou & Boehner, then you should get your head out of your ass.
    • He's anti-Urban, plain and simple, something that is a growing theme for Republicans. It fits the divide of much of the political sphere. The Exurbs and Rural areas are where Republican voters lives so they are going to get more money from Republicans.
    • He's anti-Rail. He's against anything that does not make it easier for Republican voters drive their cars.  He's also is looking to promote the automotive industry and asphalt/concrete/road construction industries.  It is like he's living in 1955 and can't get his head out of his ass.
    What is more insulting is how Kasich did this.  He didn't do what normal respectable Governors do when breaking bad news, namely call the Mayor and issue a press release.  Instead Kasich makes flippant and arrogant comments to the media right here in Cincinnati.  He comes into our town and insults us.  Kasich shows he is a jerk.  I'm not name calling, I'm being nice.  The term "jerk" is not the first one to come to mind, but I'm trying to be a little more classy.  I'm not above being crass (as I'm first to admit), but as I make this point, I'll try and be far more classy that he was.

    If you are not convinced yet of Republicans out to ruin cities, then read Urbancincy's article documenting the efforts for the Republicans on the Ohio Senate Sub Committee on Transportation to directly defund the Cincinnati Streetcar.  Not just any streetcar or rail system, but Cincinnati's alone.  Guess who sits on the committee: Senator Gary Cates (R) of West Chester.  So, did he propose this effort to hurt Cincinnati? Who's ideas was it and where did it originate? To bad there is not more than one professional reporter in Columbus to ask these questions.  It would be even better if that newspaper would actually print anything about it.

    CityKin points out evidence of Mr. AssfaultAsphalt's problem and what I would call corruption.  He makes a bad Sheriff to Kasich's Prince John, but the if the parallel fits, wear it.

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Reminder: Cincinnati Imports Event Tonight - Monday March 21st at MOTR

    Everyone is welcome to the Cincinnati Imports next event: happy hour at MOTR on 3/21, Here's the detail from the website:
    "Join Cincinnati Imports on Monday, March 21 from 6-9 p.m. for a Happy Hour at MOTR Pub at 1345 Main Street. MOTR Pub is a newish bar and restaurant specializing in local music--they also have great beer and food.

    All are welcome! Cincinnati Imports Happy Hours are low-key, and it's a fantastic way to meet new people.

    MOTR is extending their awesome happy hour prices to 9 p.m., and they have great food, as well (with vegetarian options). Monday night has a $3 martini special, while Happy hour prices include:
    $2.5 on select Draft
    $3.25 Wells
    $4 Wine"

    Sunday, March 20, 2011

    Cincy Playhouse Announces 2011-2012 Season

    Rick Pender at CityBeat has the full rundown of next year's season at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, which is the 20th and final season for Producing Artistic Director Ed Stern, who is retiring.

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Someone at the Enquirer is Pushing an Anti-Downtown Bias, Again

    I think someone at the Enquirer needs to buy a map. This article, which is titled: Ham. Co. taxpayers subsidizing downtown parking, talks about how County Commissioners are considering selling parking garages, which are located Downtown. The article also talks about how those Downtown lots are cheaper than many other lots and some of those lots are required to be provided as part of the Stadium leases.

    Monzel is quoted as saying they are "subsidizing" these spaces. Something he would say because he wants the cost of everything to go up. Monzel likely loves the headline, but based on quotes I read in the article I don't read him painting this as subsidy of Downtown. Still don't need a map, yet, just maybe they don't need to spin the story so much.  But, hold on a second...

    What the writing of the headline (again which read "Ham. Co. taxpayers subsidizing downtown parking") forgets is that DOWNTOWN IS LOCATED IN HAMILTON COUNTY. Downtown is NOT some foreign country. Downtown is NOT in Kentucky. Downtown is WHERE THE HAMILTON COUNTY COMMISSION MEETS. Do the Commission members park in lots that the County owns when they are doing County Business?  I am betting they do.  I wouldn't be surprised to learn they get free parking in county lots.

    The headline, whether intentional or not, states that Hamilton County Tax payers are subsidizing Downtown.  The grammar which the editor likely would point to may not have been intended, but I doubt that.  There was no need to state in the headline where the parking lots were located.  The context of the article did that quite clearly.  All you would have to do is drop the word "downtown" and it wouldn't have been a problem. (At least not the headline.)  There is an anti-City and specifically anti-Downtown elements in parts of the County and the headline makes a tax payer in Anderson Township or Montgomery (or even Westwood) more likely draw an unrelated conclusion that would build the anti-Downtown attitude.  Too many non-city and non-urban (in the case of the some parts of Westwood) still will bad mouth Downtown, but we don't need the local media giving them false impressions feeding their hate.

    I have repeatedly written about the need for headline writers to be VERY CAREFUL when they are writing.  People far too often only read the headlines and don't pay attention to the grammar subtleties.  Furthermore those who read the article are greatly influenced by the headline.  People might think Monzel bad mouthed Downtown if they read that headline.  I didn't read that in the body of the article, but you could have that impression.  I don't doubt Monzel has a disdain for Downtown, which his votes in the past have shown, but we don't need bias in our headlines.  Save that for the Editorial page.

    Also, shouldn't the lead of the article been about parking rates at some county owned lots are going up?  That was buried.  That's odd.

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    Census Numbers Conflict With Voter Registration

    Bill Sloat at the Daily Bellwether is reporting on a key problem with the 2010 Census numbers.  Sloat reports the Adult vs Child population breakdown from the 2010 Census.  The total City of Cincinnati Population listed is 296,943 of which 231,237 are adult, aged 18 or older.  That leaves 65,706 children.

    Now, let's compare this to the last few years totals of registered voters:
    Year Registered Voters %
    2010 209,259 90.50%
    2009 225,680 97.60%
    2008 229,413 99.21%
    2007 212,303 91.81%
    2005 212,202 91.77%
    2004 215,454 93.17%
    The % above is based on registered voters divided by the 2010 adult population of 231,237.

    So, a few months before the Census time frame (April 1, 2010) we had approximately 98% voter registration. I had no idea we did that well. Similarly, seven months later we had 91% voter registration, a large drop, but it continued the normal drop from a presidential election, yet still very high.

    What gives? We obviously don't have that high of a registration rate. We obvioulsy don't have that much voter registration error or fraud, no matter how many Republicans want claim such. We know both points are true because the article points out that similar rates can be seen county wide.  We also know this to be valid if we look at some other municipalities within the County.  As an example take Cheviot, not known as a liberal bastion, which has a 2010 population according to the census of 8,375 with 6,547 adults aged 18 years or more.  The voting registration for Cheviot in November for 2010 was 5,293 or 81%.

    So, I'm sure that Republicans are thinking, hmmm, that is 10% lower than Cincinnati, must be something fishy going there.  Well, before you worry about Cincinnati, you might want to take a look at Indian Hill.  The Village of Indian Hill (actually a city) has a 2010 population of 5,785 with adults over age 18 totaling 4,221.  In the November election Indian Hill had a voter registration of 4,797.  If you know your math, and I know you do, that would equal a registration rate of 114%.  Sure, 500 kids could have turned 18 after April 1st, 2010, but before election day and they all could have registered to vote.  I doubt that.

    No, I'm not claiming voter fraud is occurring en masse in Indian Hill, nor am I saying our Board of Election is careless. Instead I suggest the census numbers are wrong. There is little doubt that the entire county was undercounted.

    Enquirer Covers Small Protest in Mason, But What About Thousands Downtown?

    Yes, it is a good thing that the Enquirer covered a protest in Mason, even though it attracts a slue of idiotic comments. The protest had a few dozen people, so was it worth it in the big picture?

    I ask if it was worth it because yesterday afternoon there were reportedly 3 to 4 thousand people on Fountain Square, protesting the Governor's plan to gut the State Budget in his plan to destroy many public services. I can't find a word about it online in the Enquirer. I understand this took place during part of the first play-in game for the NCAA basketball tournament, but I figured it would at least get mentioned in the politics blog.

    700WLW has a Story on it. WVXU also has a story. Local Radio represents!

    Local TV was pretty weak, but had some presence. WCPO had a story. FOX19 had a story, but claimed "hundreds", which by all other report was just incorrect. I found nothing on WLWT and nothing on WKRC.

    We have local news events happening and we don't have local news reporters covering them. Our local media is failing, again.

    So Radio ruled, local TV was weak, and the Enquirer cared more about a couple dozen people in Mason than thousands in Downtown Cincinnati.

    The local media have starved themselves down to so few reporters they can't do the job. I am holding back from saying that the Enquirer purposely ignored this rally for political reasons, but just couldn't one editor have asked a reporter who maybe doesn't normally cover local politics to walk, just WALK, over to the rally a few blocks away and file a story? No one has to expense anything, but maybe one less sports story or human interest fluff piece gets printed. I know, a big sacrifice, but someone must bare it.

    There wasn't even an AP story on this, but that I think falls to the Enquirer's failure.

    P.S. If someone actually finds a story in the Enquirer on this, then someone over there needs to improve the search function or at least get it indexed in Google.

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Interesting Question: 'Why are symphony concerts selling out?'

    The Enquirer's classical music reporter, Janelle Gelfand, asks a very good question: Why are symphony concerts selling out? I really enjoy the symphony, but haven't had time to go yet this season, but a ton of people are going, with ticket sales up 16% over last years so far. Keep it up! And while you are thinking about art, check out Artswave and donate! I did!

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    Figure Out How to Close the 8 Billion Dollar Budget Gap by Using This Gadget has published a cool tool with a long list of ways to fill the eight billion dollar budget gap. You can cut spending and raise revenues in many creative and fair ways and some very draconian ways.  It isn't that difficult to figure out how to do it.  I'd like to see a similar  gadget used for Cincinnati's budget gap at the end of this year.

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Western & Southern Adding 100 Jobs Downtown

    WLWT is reporting even more good news for Downtown with word that Western & Southern is adding up to 100 more jobs over the next few months to its Downtown Headquarters. The article reports that the jobs will mostly be in the Insurance and Information Services areas.

    City Reaches Deal to Add 55 Jobs Downtown

    The Enquirer is reporting that the City has a deal to keep First Financial Downtown for 12 years and add 55 more jobs by 2014. According to the article, First Financial Plans to invest 4 million dollars in its Downtown facilities.

    We needed some positive news for the City, so this helps a little.

    Wednesday, March 09, 2011

    Who Is Running For Cincinnati City Council? An Update:

    With the Republican slate set, the time to choose is here for candidates to make up their minds on running for Cincinnati City Council.  For new candidates, the time honestly came and went.  For prior candidates the time is now. Here's the latest on who is or believed to be running for Cincinnati City Council in 2011:

    Leslie Ghiz
    Amy Murray
    Roxanne Qualls
    Laure Quinlivan
    Cecil Thomas
    Charlie Winburn
    Wendell Young

    Previous Candidates:
    Nicholas Hollan
    Kevin Flynn

    New Candidates:
    Wayne Lippert Jr.
    Jason Riveiro
    Chris Seelback
    P.G. Sittenfeld
    Catherine Smith Mills
    Yvette Simpson

    Unknown Status:
    Chris Bortz
    Christopher Smitherman
    Bernadette Watson

    Is there anyone missing?

    Tuesday, March 08, 2011

    Dear Jeff Berding: Hurry Up and Resign Already

    City Council Member Jeff Berding announced back on January 27th that he would be resigning in a matter of weeks. Well, it is going on six weeks later, and he's not gone yet. It's time for him to hurry up and resign. No one likes long goodbyes.

    Monday, March 07, 2011

    WCPO's Coverage of the 10th Anniversary of the Riots Begins

    WCPO will have 30 days of coverage leading up to April 7th anniversary of Timothy Thomas' death, starting Today, March 7th.

    Has Wendell Young Killed the CPD-Sheriff Merger Until After the Election?

    If you take the mayor's threat serious to veto any effort to outsource to or merge the police department with the Hamilton County Sheriff's office, then you need a veto proof majority to pass any such ordinance. With Wendell Young basically coming out against a merger, does that kill any plan until a new council is sworn in on December 1st? I am going to say, yes, that kills the idea for now.

    The study should still be done, however. We need to talk about this plan, if nothing else, especially if this becomes an issue in the campaign. With all of the Republican union bashing it will be fun to see the hypocrisy from the likes of Republicans Ghiz and Winburn. Both have been pretty much silent on SB 5, the State Bill that will strip away collective bargaining rights for public sector unions, included in FOP, making a police/sheriff merger less of a need. You don't need to bust a union that already been crushed by the Governor.

    Friday, March 04, 2011

    'Full' Slate of GOP Council Endorsements Are Out

    CityBeat's Kevin Osborne has the full list of Republican endorsements for Cincinnati City Council. There are Five:

    Leslie Ghiz
    Amy Murrary
    Charlie Winburn

    New Comers:
    Wayne Lippert
    Catherine Smith Mills

    Yes, a short list yet again. I am glad to see some new people in the mix, but what holds the Republicans back from even fielding enough candidates to over-ride a Mayoral veto?

    Wayne Lippert Receives Republican Endorsement

    Based on a Facebook status post to his page, Wayne Lippert, candidate for Cincinnati City Council, got the Hamilton County Republican Party endorsement last night. I've not see a press release on this yet, nor have I heard who else got the endorsement. It will be interesting to see if the GOP puts up enough candidates to fill a super-majority of seats on council or not. In the past, they haven't had the candidates to do so.

    Indiana Republican SOS Indicted On Voter Fraud Charges

    It would appear that our neighbors to the West have a really big problem with the man in charge of elections. Talking Points Memo is reporting that Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White was indicted on voter fraud charges. Yes, you read that correctly, the man in charge of elections for the State of Indinana, who was just elected last November, has been indicted for Voter Fraud.  I don't know if Irony can't be exemplified better, at least not in politics.

    Thursday, March 03, 2011

    2011 Bockfest Kicks off on March 4th!!

    Bockfest starts tomorrow night! Get all of the information at

    What you need to do during Bockfest:

    1. Go to the Bockfest Parade on Friday night.  It starts at 5:30 PM at Arnold's and goes up Main Street and left on Liberty.  This is a can't miss event with lots of goat leggings sightings
    2. the Beer Blessing: Once the parade reaches Bockfest Hall, their will be a blessing by a real live priest, usually with holy water, something different for us non-Catholics.  Don't worry, this isn't for the religious only, just don't tell anyone you are not a Christian, they might make your chug a beer.
    3. Visit Bockfest Hall: I'd go Friday and/or Saturday night when things are rowdiest.  Jake Speed plays on Friday night and the Sausage Queen finals are Saturday with the Kentucky Struts playing after.
    4. Eat lots of food: Bock beer is stronger than most beer, so drinking 3 large beers is not like drink 3 large Bud Lights.  This stuff will take its toll.  That is why you need lots of food to keep you closer to being sober, than not.  If you smell food, I'd go find the line and buy something!
    5. Check out some interesting places like the Know Theatre for special Bockfest events.
    6. Check out some of the unique events and tours (if you can get tour tickets), check out for more.  

    MPMF: Midpoint Website Redo and Showcase Submissions Open

    Check out their new website at Bands, you better act now and submit your media packet to Sonic Bids, so you can find out if you have what it takes for MidPoint. Go to the website for all of the details. You have until May 16th, but why avoid the rush?

    Tuesday, March 01, 2011

    A Republican is Lying About Union Protestors

    Yes, this is a 'water is wet' type of story, but the Enquirer is reporting it, so it must be pretty egregious. Lie about the purpose of Senate Bill Five, you don't get noticed. Lie about taking a crap, you get noticed.

    Monday, February 28, 2011

    How Will the Cincinnati Media Tackle the 10th Anniversary of the Riots?

    We are less than two months away from the 10 year anniversary of the Riots that followed the police shooting of Timothy Thomas. It is the time for the local media to be planning how they are going to commemorate that event, if at all. I think I found one such plan from WCPO with this Twitter account: @TEN_YEARS_LATER. A quick search on WCPO's website turns up this test post, which indicates that a least a story is in the works, if not more.

    I'm not looking forward to looking back on the Riots. Other than living in Cincinnati at the time and from my ninth story office watching a couple dozen kids cause some minor vandlism Downtown, I didn't experience them. I followed the news coverage of the riots like a hawk, and it was terrible. It showed a lack of understanding and of experience in coverage of the rioters point of view. No journalist had any remembered ability to get inside the story as it was happening over multiple days.  Instead the press was driven off by small incidents of rock or bottle throwing or were held back by the police from entering  most of Over-the-Rhine, which was the center of most of the violence.

    There were several good pieces that ran well after the riots, but the importance of the early and first draft of history type reporting is critical. In the case of April 2001, our local media failed to know what was going on. They couldn't or wouldn't get into the scene and cover it. They stood by the sidelines and bought the hype and what little they could get from police scanners or the handful of contacts on scene as the only story. That was not good journalism.  With the vast reduction of news gathering resources of today's media, I don't believe they could do any better now.  Citizen journalists can't make-up the difference and provide objective reporting that is comprehensive, serving every part of the public.

    The City and it's citizens overall ability to deal with those types of situations, like both the shooting and the riots after, can better be handled with a local media that can engage all segments of the population. 10 years ago, one segment was vastly undeserved.  I don't think it has measurably improved.

    Make Cincinnati Weird is Still Really Weird and We Like It

    A new team has relaunched the local blog Make Cincinnati Weird. They've put out a new mission statement which reads:
    This Blog was created by Gerard Sychay. Recently, a group of Cincinnati weirdos have joined forces to carry on the mission Gerard began. The goal is to document the quirky, offbeat, and… well… weird goodness of Cincinnati. The single guiding principle, is that diversity breeds strength.

    Jake Gerth, Kevin Feldman, Rebecca Nebert, Latria Roberts, Josh Laichas, Chris Grunden, Kara Driscoll, and Hannah Gerth have joined forces to embrace Cincinnati’s weirdness and support the road less traveled. Welcome to our journey…
    As the most normal person in the entire world, I can't relate to this website in any way, but I applaud their effort to shed some light on Cincinnati and show a side of it that I will never know.

    (Yes, I am really is just a bunch of weirdos)

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    Looks Like a Northside Bar Needs to Close

    When someone is murdered at your bar, it moves to the top of the list to be closed. It is time to close Club 360.

    Too Much Fluff, Not Enough Gruff

    Is is just me or does it seem that most of the news stories you see on local TV news about our members of Congress are Fluff pieces?

    Yes, I know, Local TV news viewers don't care about politics, at all. I also know this is rather obvious, but am pointing it out again, just so everyone doesn't forget.  Courting ignorance is no way to run a news operation, but local TV News has a big ass box of chocolates and is camped out on ignorance's doorstep.  They've been camped out there for years and show no sign of looking for a better litter box to sniff.