Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Enquirer Still Lacking on Analysis, Producing More Bias

It is not new for the Enquirer to specially highlight crime in OTR over other areas, but when they do, it would be less biased if they did a few things.

  1. Know the neighborhood better: Do the analysis and show where in OTR the crimes have taken place. You could answer better why something is happening statistically if you know where in the neighborhood these crimes are taken place. There are a couple of hot spots.  Then you might answer why police don't target those areas.
  2. Before putting of this type of news report, tell us who is publishing it and why they are doing this know. Are council members using this for political gain?
  3. If you are going to talk about increases, why not share the attention where shootings have risen at as high or higher rates, like in Northside, Lower Price Hill, Madisonville, North Avondale, and Bond Hill.
  4. Why does the article address why Avondale's rate fell so much? In 2010 Avondale had almost twice as many shootings. In 2011 it had about half as many.
  5. Why weren't any residents who live say North of Liberty in OTR interviewed, or not included in the article? I guess that get's back to my first point, something Journalist no longer do: know the people and areas they cover.
  6. Why not ask why police don't patrol OTR as much anymore?  Are shootings up in one place and down in other because of where police patrol and the drug dealing and criminal element go where the police are not?

WLWT recently focused on a why the recent anti-crime blitz of OTR failed, but their story covering the same story the Enquirer covered instead focued on the overall murder rate and police calls for more resources. They didn't target OTR the same way, they lumped the whole city together, a different type of bias. WKRC has similar story to WLWT.


  1. the enq is what it is and will only get worse. newspapers are dead, short staffed, and tread water by sticking with what they know. demographics are not on the side of newspapers like the enquirer, it is only a matter of time before it closes up shop all together.

  2. The Enquirer's business model call for demonizing the city whenever and wherever possible in order to play up to the exburbs, where the Enquirer is desperate to grow it's rapidly declining subscribership. It's all part of the Enquirer's continuing War On Cincinnati.


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