Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kasich Is Waxing His Pinto

Prince John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, is playing chicken with Casino developers and they just gunned their muscle car directly at Kasich's Pinto. He really might want to consider swerving his Pinto out of the way or he will end up as roadkill.


  1. Kasich isn't bluffing. The Indiana casinos have hired his partner from Lehman as their lobbyist in Columbus.

    Why would Indiana businesses need to lobby the Ohio government? What would they be lobbying it to do?

    This is exactly what Kasich wants.

  2. I'd like to know how many jobs Kasich has killed or wounded.

    16,000 for the casinos, not including construction (I think that's correct)

    3,000 for streetcar construction + 25 or so to operate (Which sounds low)

    Who know's how many he killed by killing the high speed rail line

    So over 20,000 jobs making probably $30K or more at 5% tax rate for Ohio = $30 Million in taxes lost. (Those numbers are rough but probably on the low side).


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