Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Mightly Casey Coston At Bat: Home Run

Soapbox columnist Casey Coston's article this week elegantly summarizes the recent attacks being made on Cincinnati. Those attacks are not from a foreign land or even a different state, (Pittsburgh is not a suspect.) These attacks are coming from Exurban Ohio law makers bent on pushing an anti-Cincinnati, anti-urban, and dogmatic conservative agenda on the City of Cincinnati and the entire State of Ohio. We must not let this go unchallenged and must be heard. Kudos to Casey for this brazen commentary.


  1. Are you people out of your minds?!
    "Cincinnati' is not an abstract concept which can be 'improved' by this or that government operation. What is 'Cincinnati' anyway? Define.

  2. Well said Casey! I would add that the Enquirer is leading the way in these anti-City, anti-Cincinnati attacks, caused by a shitty business model that assumes that the exburbs are the paper's growth areas, and the only to appeal to those areas is to take an anti-Cincinnati position (aka, the Willy Cunningham Maneuver).

    And to SamW, what the fuck are you trying to say anyway? Take your meds and repost.


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