Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lippert Named to Replace Berding on Council and Begins With a Partisan Message

Wayne Lippert Jr. has been named to replace Jeff Berding on Cincinnati City Council. He's wasted no time in putting a partisan foot forward by toting the anti-streetcar (and anti-downtown) message of the Republican Party.  Pretending to be open minded about the Streetcar, but then saying the only way possible to financing the project is "inappropriate" confirms either he is against the project or he doesn't know the details. If there are other ways to finance public transportation (like roads or a streetcar) than through Federal and State grants along with city bonds, then I'll be looking for his financing plan. If he's not looking for another plan, especially now when part of the funding is in peril, then he is just AGAINST the project and is trying to fool the small number of Republican Urbanists into thinking he will act to help develop the urban core.

I hope Wayne is able to avoid caving into "special interests," as the article indicates, but talking about police and fire layoffs as only a last resort to fixing our budget issues is really hollow rhetoric and just spin.  Unless you are going to put police and fire layoffs on the table with equal footing to all other areas in the city budget, then you are caving into the dogma of the police and fire unions, and those are both special interests.  If Lippert falls in line with the rest of the Republicans on council and pushes to outsource as many city jobs to lower paying private vendors, then his hypocrisy will become clear.  The interests of business owners (as big of a special interest as you can get) who don't live or work here shouldn't be more important than the citizens of Cincinnati.

Also, I really question the logic of anyone who thinks the government should be run like a business.  If you know how businesses are run, you know why this is a horrible idea.  It is a common mistake, but makes for a great sound-bite for many suckers out there.

At this point Lippert is sounding like another Leslie Ghiz, he's just not pretending to be more moderate at the beginning and is starting off as a partisan Republican, getting it out of the way.  That's very disappointing.  I don't like partisan politics invading city politics.  I'm willing to listen to others who hold different political views than I do, and find common ground.  When you come out swinging with partisan talking points, then you are going to be viewed a partisan and against finding the Cincinnati community.  At this point the only people Wayne Lippert seems to reaching out to are suburban anti-city Republicans and the largly non-city resident police and fire unions. I dont' know who he plans on getting votes from, but he's not getting mine.

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