Thursday, March 03, 2011

2011 Bockfest Kicks off on March 4th!!

Bockfest starts tomorrow night! Get all of the information at

What you need to do during Bockfest:

  1. Go to the Bockfest Parade on Friday night.  It starts at 5:30 PM at Arnold's and goes up Main Street and left on Liberty.  This is a can't miss event with lots of goat leggings sightings
  2. the Beer Blessing: Once the parade reaches Bockfest Hall, their will be a blessing by a real live priest, usually with holy water, something different for us non-Catholics.  Don't worry, this isn't for the religious only, just don't tell anyone you are not a Christian, they might make your chug a beer.
  3. Visit Bockfest Hall: I'd go Friday and/or Saturday night when things are rowdiest.  Jake Speed plays on Friday night and the Sausage Queen finals are Saturday with the Kentucky Struts playing after.
  4. Eat lots of food: Bock beer is stronger than most beer, so drinking 3 large beers is not like drink 3 large Bud Lights.  This stuff will take its toll.  That is why you need lots of food to keep you closer to being sober, than not.  If you smell food, I'd go find the line and buy something!
  5. Check out some interesting places like the Know Theatre for special Bockfest events.
  6. Check out some of the unique events and tours (if you can get tour tickets), check out for more.  


  1. Can we crash at your place?

  2. Yeah....I'm thinking you might find a bed at the DIC first...


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