Monday, March 07, 2011

Has Wendell Young Killed the CPD-Sheriff Merger Until After the Election?

If you take the mayor's threat serious to veto any effort to outsource to or merge the police department with the Hamilton County Sheriff's office, then you need a veto proof majority to pass any such ordinance. With Wendell Young basically coming out against a merger, does that kill any plan until a new council is sworn in on December 1st? I am going to say, yes, that kills the idea for now.

The study should still be done, however. We need to talk about this plan, if nothing else, especially if this becomes an issue in the campaign. With all of the Republican union bashing it will be fun to see the hypocrisy from the likes of Republicans Ghiz and Winburn. Both have been pretty much silent on SB 5, the State Bill that will strip away collective bargaining rights for public sector unions, included in FOP, making a police/sheriff merger less of a need. You don't need to bust a union that already been crushed by the Governor.

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  1. Threatening to shut down the CPD is the only way to get concessions from the FOP, but Young chickened out and was desperate for that FOP endorsement for the election.


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