Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recommendations for Democratic Endorsements For Council Floated

A listing of recommendations for the Democratic Council enforcements were made public at a recent fundraising event.  These are not finalized, but would be the preliminary slate, pending official action from the City Dems.  There are:

Roxanne Qualls
Laure Quinlivan
Cecil Thomas
Wendell Young

Nicolas Hollan
Jason Riveiro
Chris Seelbach
P.G. Sittenfeld
Yvette Simpson

Two key points:

  • It is unknown if Qualls and/or Simpson either have or are seeking the double endorsement from the Charter Committee.  If they don't, Charter may only have once candidate running (Kevin Flynn).
  • One name you don't see is Bernadette Watson.  She logically would be a good candidate, with her good showing in 2009, but not seeing her name on this list leads me to presume she is not running.
On the Democratic and liberal side, I've not heard of anyone else running for office other than those on this list.  For all of my ranting about the GOP not fielding a full slate, the Dems barely have nine running.  At last count, there are only 15 confirmed candidates with Bortz and Smitherman still unknowns.  17 candidates total would be the lowest number as far back as I found online, 18 being the next lowest twice.

Outside of the possible inclusion of Chris Smitherman, what we are missing are the fringe and crazy candidates.  It is still early, so maybe some unknowns will get into the race this summer.


  1. There's no reason to endorse 9. It probably waters down the Democratic representation, since the average ballot only has 7 votes.

    That would mean that, whereas all 5 Rs get votes from the average conservative, there are 2 Ds who lose support from the average progressive.

    I don't have time to verify that strong D precincts also show an undervote, but that's the telltale sign.

  2. Qualls and Simpson are getting duel endorsements, which gives Simpson an advantage over the other nonincumbents for fundraising.
    Watson isn't running. If I had to guess, after she didn't get Cole's seat, which she deserved, she is sick of the party's games.

  3. See Osborne's column in CB:


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