Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If Republicans Want to Help Voters, Then Include Auto Registratrion

Two local Republicans are pushing a bill to reduce the number of voters, yet claim this will prevent voter fraud. Alex Triantafilou, chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party and chair of the Hamilton County Board of Elections thinks by making it more difficult to vote, it protects the right to vote. His logic escapes me and anyone else looking to increase voter turnout.

If Republicans want to make assure their identity, but also are for more people voting, then there two things they can do:
  1. Investigate the 14% voter fraud in Indian Hill (I am half kidding on this.)
  2. If they require a state ID to vote, make it law that anyone with a valid State ID is then automatically registered to vote and you stay registered to vote as long as your ID is valid. Why would they be against this, unless they really don't want more people to vote?
I'm not expecting either because the point of requiring photo ID is to reduce poorer, inner city, and minority voters. In other words, Democratic voters. Denying that is like denying water is wet or that Germans love David Hasselhoff.


  1. I would also like the fee to register for a state ID removed for those individuals who face financial hardship. The idea of a poll tax like this laughs in the face of democracy, but if the idiot Republicans are going to roll back all sorts of other advances, I guess we might as well roll back civil rights as well.

  2. Ditto to what Josh said. The "southern strategy" worked too well. The segregationist movement has solidified itself at the primary driver of GOP policy.

  3. I'm for having an ID to vote. Once you are 18 you are supposed to have one anyway. But in the past most of these bills have included provisions to help out the people who have difficulty in getting them.

    But I like the idea of making it free if you can't afford it, and I also like that if you have an ID you are a registered voter. Why not?


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