Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Anti-City Zealot Farts and the Enquirer Rushes in to Sniff

I think if anti-City extremist Chris Finney were to write a letter to Santa Claus containing nothing but the first 100 names in the Cincinnati Bell white pages, the Enquirer would write a story about it. If you promote EVERYTHING a political group does with a positive 'news' story then you have a bias. That bias is either for the group or a bias against the people or organizations that group is attacking.


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  2. The bias is pro Warren and Butler County. Anything that sells papers there is good for the Enquirer.

  3. To be fair, Chris Finney's farts are DELICIOUS.

  4. I could see putting this in the Politics Extra blog like the charges about Chabot using his office for lodging was. Did the Mallory car article make it into print? Definitely a double standard.
    Also, since this has been going on since, at least, the Luken administration (14 years?), this is some pretty lame watchdogging.

  5. It's gone far beyond smelling farts; the Enquirer has its collective head way up Finney's ass. You will note that WCPO, WKRC, WLWT & WXIX, the other MSM outlets in the region, rarely if ever report on COAST and Finney's antics. By contrast however, the Enquirer acts as Finney & COAST's own virtual personal PR firm, breathlessly and uncritically reprinting each and every quote that Finney utters, without ever once fact checking him. The Enquirer's Jane Prendergast, Carl Weiser, Sharon Coolidge & Biased Barry Horstman have become COAST's chief enablers, undoubtedly acting under orders from Enquirer Publisher Maggie Buchanan and Editor Carol Washburn. This group should have their job titles changed from Investigative Journalists to Staff Stenographers. Of course this is all part and parcel of the War On Cincinnati that the Enquirer is relentlessly waging against our City in the hopes of making desperately needed circulation gains out in the exburbs. This is what passes as the Enquirer's pathetic excuse of a Business Model.

    COAST become politically irrelevant a long time ago; their stooges and political puppets are all out of office. Their candidates and issues have been trounced at the polls. Even Greg Hartmann ignores COAST now, as evidenced by his refusal to pull all of the levies from the ballot, or at least greatly slash them, as COAST had demanded. So COAST has one tactic left to them; extorting money from local governments. Not all local governments either, republican lead cities like Blue Ash (whose Mayor reportedly gets a larger car allowance than Mallory does) are off limits for COAST. It's Cincinnati and Hamilton County that COAST blackmail time and time again. And it is indeed blackmail because cash strapped local governments are forced to weigh paying COAST to go away against the enormous costs of litigation, and inevitably take the path of least resistance, which is paying COAST off. This is what Finney banks on, that they will never actually have to litigate a case in court and that their target will roll over and pay up. COAST are little more than judicial terrorists at this point. When are local governments going to learn that you never pay terrorists off, because that only brings about more terrorism (it's just like paying off the Somali pirates, which just encouraged them to abduct even more ships). Instead, they need to fight COAST in court on every issue, appealing all of the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary. If COAST wants their money they need to fight for it in court. Let's hope that Mallory & The City have learned this lesson by now and will not bend over and pay the COAST terrorists extortion yet again this time.


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