Monday, April 04, 2011

Donate to the Know Theatre Right NOW!

Theatre, as an art form, brings unmeasurable value to a society. Theatre  provides humanity a purpose. That purpose is a journey of discovery to understand what it means to be human. Here in Cincinnati one Theatre company speaks to me more than any on that journey of discovery and that is the Know Theatre.

It takes money to make a theatre work and right now the Know needs your help. Impending budget cuts at the State are going to make it difficult for all arts organizations to make ends meet, and that includes the Know. We must as a community do everything that we can to keep our society on a path of discovery. I've chosen to donate a modest amount to the Know Theatre. I ask that you help out Now as well. Check out the Know's website with the details on how your can give. Remember that any sum can help. $20 goes a long way. $100 can go further.

With the Cincinnati Fringe Festival Coming up in less than two months, your funds will be put to great use to keep the lights on for an organization that is vital to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and the entire arts community.

Also, be sure to see their latest production, The Dragon.  I got to see it on opening night and was amazed with the work.  The show is a co-production with MadCap Puppets and should not be missed.  It runs through May 7th.

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