Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Smitherman Is Running, Supposedly

The Enquirer is reporting that local NAACP President Chris Smitherman is running for City Council. He said this before, so I will believe it when he is on the ballot.

We have a clear lack of independent candidates running, so adding more is a good thing, but Smitherman is an attention whore concerned only about himself. His one term on council was a worthless disaster and he managed to piss off so many people that he lost the next election. He wants attention and I expect the Enquirer will give him all he wants, as they do on a regular basis, while ignoring other news. Now they'll just ignore other candidates in favor of the three ring circus.

We don't need a political circus and that is all Smitherman does. He will makes some outlandish comments, make some implausible and divisive proposals and will not be criticized by the Enquirer.

Let's just hope this is yet another Smitherman ploy, that will fade away faster than the stench of rotten meat.

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