Friday, April 01, 2011

Section 8 Housing in the Burbs? It's Hell Freezing Over Time!

I know there are going to be curse words, shouts, and protests if 'public housing' increases in the suburban areas of Hamilton County, but since this is part of a deal to resolve a discrimination complaint, legal action to block the housing will have a bigger hurdle.

It is only fair that 'public housing' is included in all areas of the county. It should also be inlcuded outside of the county as well, for I would surmise Warren County doesn't have much, if any, Section 8 housing.

Sidenote: I am also very glad the Enquirer does not have comments turned on for that article. The racist and bigoted comments would fill up your screen if they did.


  1. It is important to note that public housing, Section 8 project-based housing, and properties which will accept Section 8 certificates are all very different animals.

    Also, Warren County has nothing to do with this lawsuit. CMHA only operates in Cincinnati and the rest of Hamilton County. I agree with your premise, though.

  2. There's some major schadenfreude in Green Twp getting more public housing, after Arnold Barnett kept it out of there while shilling for his rethuglican neighbors. HA-HA!

  3. Section 8 is already in the burbs. See: Forest Park, Fairfield, Mt. Healthy.

  4. There's a small percentage of public housing in the burbs Gerard/Jeff. The vast bulk of the burden has been carried by the City. It will be nice to see that change.


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