Friday, April 15, 2011

Cincinnati Council Candidate to Appear at Glendale 'Tea Party' Event

The Glendale 'Tea Party' is holding a Tax Day Rally and are featuring Cincinnati Republican Council Candidate Catherine Smith Mills. Their website even includes a reference to here as "Cincinnati Council Conservative Candidate."

Why would a candidate for Cincinnati City Council make an appearance in Glendale, outside the City of Cincinnati. at a far right-wing political event? Is she looking for contributions from the likes of Finney and Mike Wilson. Too bad they are doing everything they can to hurt the City.

How can this win her votes in this election? Are there a significant number of citizens who would vote for a candidate who looks outside the City for Support and finds it in anti-Cincinnati groups?

If one wants to gain votes from the people of Cincinnati, it might help if you'd spend more time with them, and less time with those trying to undermine the city. I guess some might call that conventional wisdom. I'm sure a high-priced political consultant advised Ms. Smith Mills to head to the Suburbs to find money, but damn it looks bad. She's hanging out with a bunch of nutty crack pots. I guess she's writing off every moderate vote in the City.

I suggest that is she wants to appeal to suburbanite Republicans, she move to where she can actually represent them in public office.

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