Monday, April 11, 2011

So Is Sheree Paolello Biased Or Just a Jerk?

WLWT news anchor Sheree Paolello made this open mic goof back on March 31st, mocking former Congressman Steve Driehaus:

So is she biased or just a jerk? I doubt she intentionally did this, but is it a sign of a political opinion that is lurking deep below the surface? On the other hand, she could be a jerk who likes to mock politicians. Either way, she's looks really petty and foolish, two things you don't want in a TV news anchor.

Via Kiesewetter.


  1. most of these guys appear to be airheads
    Murrows need not apply in Cincinnati

  2. She's human so of course she's bias - that really doesn't matter. What is disconcerting is the lack of professinalism and attention to detail. It's her inability to put her bias aside and her lack of attention of a live mic. Outstanding example of why our news media can only deliver on entertainment and propaganda (and why I honestly no longer watch nor read the news from US media outlets).


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