Thursday, November 13, 2003

Wes Nails It!

Wes Flinn comments on the letter I referenced yesterday by bring up the Showtime "Movie" DC 9/11: Time of Crisis. How much of this contained "factual" quotes? How much was the content fictionalized to provide a clear theme to fit the overall concept of the movie, or just something more entertaining? Based on all accounts there were many historical facts left out of this production and surely some that Bush does not want known for various reasons. Some of those missing facts are being sought by Congress in its attempt to investigate the 9/11 intelligence, with little assistance from the Administration.

Where's the outrage on the Bush Movie? How many quotes were not valid? Why did Viacom let this on the air if it was not absolutely true? Hmm... ya think it might have just been a movie, and most people did not care about it? I guess the all-powerful "liberal media" was sleeping when that movie was made.

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