Wednesday, November 05, 2003

2 New Councilmen

You say Smither, I say Man, Smither-Man the newest council-man. Chris Smitherman has won. I had him at the 11th place, but his 7th place was a big upset. Sam Malone is a bigger shock to me. I had him well out of the running and he beat one sitting councilman.

The big loser was Councilman Chris Monzel. His big war chest was not enough.

Damon Lynch came really close. He ran a brilliant campaign. He backed off his more aggressive style and thanks to the advice of Gene Galvin he toned down the vitriol to a more mass appeal rhetoric. There will be a few fledgling conspiracy theories that will no doubt surface on WDBZ tomorrow.

I was disappointed with Nick Spencer's showing. I thought he would at least hit 15th place, but I think the low turnout killed his chances.

Full election results are at

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