Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Am I Missing Something?

I am not a fan of Eminem, but the folks at Source Magazine seem to be gunning for him. How do they really think he is a racist? The guy records some racially offensive slurs after he breaks up with this black girlfriend. (Yes, his black girlfriend) This makes him a "racist?" A white man who dates black women is a racist? I guess once again the term "racist" is being twisted, or redefined. I will remember that the next time I hear "cracker" used on 1230 the Buzz.

A White rapper is infringing on the "black man's" world, so he must be taken down, I guess. From this article it sounds like the guys from the Source are the ones who are "racist." This quote I think is filled with what some might call code words:
"Bringing this tape to the public is the latest chapter in The Source magazine's ongoing effort to expose influences corrupting hip-hop, including racism."
Who or What is corrupting hip-hop one might ask? I think the folks from the Source would say: "White Culture" or just "The White Man." I wonder how much they are rooting out racism in hip-hop directed toward non-blacks.

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