Monday, November 17, 2003

2000 Hamilton County Presidential Results

I was just reviewing the 2000 vote totals for President in Hamilton County and they are not what one would have thought. I would have guess that Hamilton County would lean 60/40 Conservative to Liberal. What happened was significantly closer than that.

George W. Bush, GOP*******197,339 54.46%
Al Gore, Dem**************153,227 42.28%
Ralph Nader, Green*********8,871 2.45%
Harry Browne, Libertarian****1,187 0.33%
Pat Buchanan, Reform*******1,042 0.29%
John Hagelin, Natural Law****520 0.14%
Howard Phillips, Const. Party**195 0.05%
TOTALS*******************362,381 100.00%

Right Leaning 199,763 55.13%
Left Leaning 162,618 44.87%
362,381 100.00%

This makes me realize one big factor; Hamilton County is by far the most "liberal" of all of the surrounding counties. Bush got over 60% of the vote in all surrounding counties. I wonder how the city gets the conservative flack when outside the 275 loop has the bulk of the hardcore conservatives. I guess the local conservative control on nearly everything with an iron fist methodology keeps us liberals quiet.

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