Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Local Media History and Future

Kathy Y. Wilson takes us on journey through her past. Kathy looks inside CityBeat with a harsh insight:
We've gotten fat and lazy since EN packed it in. It's almost like we're sometimes in a diabetic haze. We're sweet on ourselves, and our sweet tooth is rotting.
I think CityBeat could use a kick in the ass, but I don't know if Kathy and I would agree on what that would be. I would say CityBeat needs a group blog. This was my advice for CinWeekly, but they will get to it once it can make money. CityBeat might try it and use it to build a national web presence that could augment the publication. Just a thought, but I think "professional group blogs," like the Dallas Mornings News has, will become a standard structure of every newspaper in the country.

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