Friday, November 28, 2003

Politics Lacking Linkage

Queen City Forum got a huge plug today from the Enquirer. I will admit, I have never heard of their site before. I will have to look it over and will likely add the link to my site. I do have to criticize one part of their site without hesitation. They list a link called "THE FINEST COLLECTION OF NEWS & POLITICAL LINKS" on the site. If you go to that page you will view a nice list of links on news, political party, opinion, and reference sites. What you don't see, beyond a couple of exceptions, are blogs. Adding insult to injury, they recommend the "Drudge Report." Drudge is a up to speed on politics as my Aunt is on the working definition of "metrosexual." There are at least 50 blogs that nationally push political and current events debate in the country more than nearly any other source. They do that because all of the people who write the opinion columns on those pages, read those blogs.

Not to mention national blogs, but ahem, there are many locally based blogs that cover Cincinnati and Ohio politics, mine of course being one of them. Not to mention XRay Magazine, Cincinnati Tomorrow, and MediaBridges to name of few of news or local resources.

The writing on the site looks interesting. I welcome all of the local coverage of politics as much as possible. I have to ask the question, why can't we read a column like those written on the Queen City Forum in CinWeekly? Just one? Once in a while? A little political opinion, please?

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