Sunday, November 30, 2003

It's Alive!

The "Real Life, Real News" initiative appears to be off the ground at the Enquirer. Will there be any hard news columns in the Metro Section anymore? The Enquirer appears to have let some columnists go, or at least reassigned them to other jobs. Denise Smith-Amos and Karen GutiƩrrez are the two that come to mind most. Where are they? They are off the columnist roster and have not written for some time. With the retirement of Laura Pulfer there are really few columnists left at the Enquirer. Does this mean they have hired more reporters? Or have the former columnists become reporters? Even John Kiesewetter is no longer listed as an Enquirer Columnist.

The Opinion Page appears to have the most changes. I give you one conservative newspaper with a columnist line up like this:
Sunday – Richard Cohen and Walter Williams
Monday – Leonard Pitts Jr.
Tuesday – William Safire
Wednesday – Richard Cohen and Kathleen Parker
Thursday – William Safire
Friday – Charles Krauthammer
Saturday – James J. Kilpatrick and Kathleen Parker

A rundown
Richard Cohen: Moderate Liberal
Walter Williams: Rush Limbaugh Conservative
Leonard Pitts Jr: Moderate Liberal
William Safire: Old Northeastern Conservative
Kathleen Parker: Moderate Conservative
Charles Krauthammer: Hardline Conservative
James J. Kilpatrick: Conservative who usually has non-political columns appear in the Enquirer.

So we have 10 total syndicated columnist spots in the Enquirer. 3 of those 10 spots are filled by "liberals." That would be 30% of the time for those keeping stats. Ah, yes, that would be fair and balanced for someone looking to provide a conservative editorial page.

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