Monday, November 17, 2003

IME Recap

Well, I did not deliver on the level of coverage I had hoped to provide. I was able to attend two sessions on Friday and only my own session on Saturday. I attended the Minority Voices in the Media and the Art of the Interview sessions on Friday. I was impressed with Kathy Wilson. I disagree with many of her stances, but she is really good in this kind of setting.

The most interesting element of the event was Kathy Y. Wilson's revelation that she was asked to take over Laura Pulfer's column a few years back. She obviously turned that down. This I am sure is old news to some, but was news to me.

My session on blogs and webzines went fairly well. I was not a total idiot, but I was not very well spoken. I hope everyone got something from it, but I am not sure if I provided much. I think the time was limited to the point where we did not have a ton of time to answer questions. I guess our presentations went on too long.

I was shocked to read that there was a theft of a camera and TV monitor. That sucks. It sucks that someone had to ruin a good event. I hope this theft does not put a damper on this event, and it is able to grow bigger next year.

For a fuller recap, check out XRay's recap.

UPDATE: In my haste to post this, I failed to comment on Stacey Recht and Amy Eversole's "The Art of the Interview" Session. I was impressed at how prepared Stacey and Amy were. Stacey especially had everything organized, including an excellent web page with examples of interviews she had gotten previously as well as a full audio recording of the session. I myself am not good at interviewing people, so I learned quite a bit on the best practices for giving interviews. If you listen carefully you might hear my questions on the audio recording.

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