Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Missing Question from Debate

In the Conceal-Carry debate I have still not heard my question asked: What about the rights of property owners? Does the right of a gun owner to carry his gun supersede that of the property owner's to keep guns off their property? Who has the burden of checking the guns at the door or keeping them out? If I own a string of food chains don't I have the right to keep guns out of my establishments? Why does the burden fall on me to keep the guns out? Do I have to install metal detectors to achieve this or does the right of a gun owner out weigh mine as the owner of a restaurant?

I myself do not want any conceal-carry law. If you want to intimidate people, strap it on your leg like John Wayne would. If you feel the need to carry a gun, I do not want to be near year, so why not let me know you are a marked man by wearing your gun out in the open. This fits in much better with the old west mentality that I think is at work here. A concealed weapon was a scoundrel's means of getting an edge. Why do the "righteous" gun nuts want to walk around with secret under their coat?

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