Monday, November 10, 2003

Let's Cin Again, Like We Did Last Week

Last Week CityBeat took a turn bashing CinWeekly. Greg Flannery hit them hard in his Porkopolis column. Greg points out what they are in a concise manner when saying what CityBeat was not:
Otherwise, Cin Weekly was nothing like CityBeat, which doesn't publish rehashed Enquirer "news" items, syndicated food stories and recipes, advice on avoiding annoying co-workers, cornhole features, Associated Press movie and DVD stories and "family friendly" calendar listings.
The best jibe was their page 14-15 story entitled "Good, Clean Election Fun" (story not online), a play on Cin's tag line "Good Clean Fun." The montage of pictures from election day that remind one of the Cinscene photos from CinWeekly. The difference between the two photo spreads, you ask? One is of a NEWS event; the other is not in anyway a news event. Except if you think Backstreet Boy Nick Carter being at Club Clau is news. If you think that is news, then I hope you don't breed.

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