Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Ouch, That Must Hurt

Greg Flannery hits the CJC hard in his Porkopolis column this week:
Having lost most of its members as a result of anti-Semitic and homophobic rants, the CJC has lately specialized in picketing civil rights leaders, progressives and others who support the group's putative goal of police reform and racial justice in Cincinnati.

That might seem self-defeating, but it's entirely consistent with Livingston's modus operandi. For example, the protective order he was charged with violating had been initiated by fellow boycott leader Victoria Straughn, coordinator of Citizens Concerned for Justice.
"Someone" will surely not like Greg's comments. When a small number of people pretend to be a "large" group, any information to the contrary will surely be meet with childish vitriol. I will expect that this post will make it to the CJC's message board. "Someone" has taken to copying my posts to the CJC website and make it appear that I actually posted it there. I am sure the various posters to that board, most of which are the same "someone" under different screen identities, will call me names for bringing attention to Greg's column, but the truth needs to be said, and I am glad Greg is reporting it.

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