Thursday, November 20, 2003

Bigot Bronson Rides Again

Reading Peter Bronson makes me wonder, Does he wear a Kaiser Bill moustache? Would he have voted to convict Scopes? Has Peter ever though about how ignorant he sounds?
You can say marriage is defined by God or biology. Defying either one is just asking for trouble.
Peter, marriage was created by MAN. No Gods were involved, and biology was not a factor. Marriage was created to reduce or stem conflict between tribes and between competing suitors. Marriage is a social contract.

You skirted around your opinions here and it is most sickening. Why don't you just make your bigotry clear so everyone can be sure? You don't want gays accepted or respected or treated equal because of your religion and your religiously rationalized views on what is "biologically natural."

I have news for you Peter. Your religion has no place in law. I hope you know this, and I wish you would accept it. Also some news for you, a Penis and Anus, and a tongue and Vagina are all biologically natural. You are just homophobic. You fear gays. I don't think you fear lesbians, but that is likely a whole different story.

Get specific on what is wrong is with Gay Marriage or even Civic Union. What harm will it cause and HOW will that possibly happen? Nothing much would change. Those gays living together now would still be living together if they were married. The only difference is that they would be in a more stable relationship.

You bring up the "children." Oh, it is always about the children. Peter, why don't you just say it: you fear kids might be "turned" gay. Get off the stupid bigoted myths. Homosexuality does not rub off on you. Peter you sound like an anti-miscegenationist from 1922 or 1952 or 1962. It is disgusting to hear you relegate a group of human beings to a sub-class.

I would hope that those who fear gays so much might seize on a compromise. Try out Civil Unions and tell me what is wrong with those? If you find something wrong, I challenge you to tell me what is wrong beyond your trite religious dogma.

UPDATE: Other Bloggers weigh in: Rantophilia and Greg Mann.

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