Monday, November 17, 2003

Local Recounts

The Post reports that there will be a recount in the Cincinnati Council race because it fell with in the statutory requirements, where David Crowley beat Damon Lynch for the last seat by 738 votes. The Norwood Mayor's race, which was decided by only 24 votes still did not meet the .5% threshold for an automatic recount. Challenges can still be made, but the challenger might bear the expense of such a challenge.

The more interesting news from the story was that two difference races ended up in ties locally. One was the Lincoln Heights council race were two people were tied for the third seat. If the recount does not change the vote, then a coin toss will choose the winner. The other was an income tax issue that ended in a tie. If that tie is not broken the increase will fail. I can't find in Ohio law how ties are handled, so I will have to take the Post's word for it.

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