Thursday, November 20, 2003

Deal with Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Reports are coming all over that the Prosecutor Mike Allen has made a deal with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk is beating the rap. There were several scenarios where Pilarczyk was potentially guilty of covering up multiple felonies. I think Mike Allen has let down the public. He should have gone forward with a full prosecution of specific priests for the cover-up of known rape and molestation incidents. Slapping the wrist of the church is about as harsh a treatment as Enron is getting. It is ironic that the plea agreement that is out there is being referred to as the "Flynt plea." Mike McConnell came up with the idea that is should be called the "Flynt-Pilarczyk plea" from no one. It is surreally that a church would basically admit to breaking the law. That is a blow to it stature in this city. It will be interesting how they will ever be able to preach on "morality" again without being laughed out of pulpit.

Coverage: Post, Post2, WLWT, and WCPO.

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