Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Liberal Media My Ass


More proof that FOX News is biased, the above story was "Breaking News" on their website. This reminds me of the time Nancy Reagan received an award in D.C. for a charity event of some type on a Saturday night. FOX covered her remarks live. Yes, LIVE. This was not while she was first lady; this was a couple of years ago. FOX News did not exist while she was first lady. Damn, if you think the propaganda at FOX is bad under Bush, just think how bad it would have been under Reagan.

I can't wait until the next time Primary Colors airs on TV. With all of this outrage, I expect the Clinton based drama will get these same folks all in a frenzy. Oh….., wait….., they won't? They are only pissed because it is their dear leader who is not depicted in a manner in keeping with their fantastic ideals?

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