Friday, November 21, 2003

Mike Allen's Failure

From Mike Allen's Statement yesterday:
Hold them accountable.

Make sure this doesn't happen again.

I cannot tell you how many times or how many people have said that to me over the last year. But they were not talking about a serial rapist, or a multiple murderer, or the vicious rioters who brought our city to its knees.

They were talking about one of the most respected and revered institutions in our county - the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
Mr. Allen's failure is exemplified by not answering the plea from the public who wanted "them" to be held accountable, instead he went after "it." Allen let individual priests who knowingly protected rapists and molesters go unpunished, not even releasing a list of names of those who were involved. He did this to help keep civil lawsuits from being filed against the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Mike Allen stated that his office was confident that there were no priests active in Archdiocese of Cincinnati who has been accused of wrong doing as part of this scandal. He failed to assure the public by not considering two important questions:

1. Are any priests (or other staff) who have been accused of wrong doing active in any capacity in ANY church or organization ANYWHERE in the world that involves interaction with children?

2. Are any priests (or other staff) who knew about or covered up any wrong doing still active in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati?

If those questions were answered, I missed it.

The media coverage locally has been heavy, but restrained. The Enquirer has covered many angles of the story, but failed to raised or at least report the questions I asked. I figured if the crime was any other organization those questions would have been asked, investigated, and reported. In Cincinnati, a Catholic stronghold, the Enquirer knows its place and knows not to push the limits on criticism on the local Catholic Church and its leaders. The Enquirer editorial especially reeked of hollow repudiation of the Catholic Church and seemed to shift all of blame to the "tiny minority of pedophile priests to victimize so many." Read it Here: Editorial, Wells Column, Story1, Story2, Story3, and Story4.

Mike McConnell from WLW took a much more strong stance against the church. He refered to Mike Allen's attitude towards the Catholic Church as a "bow down respect," where it gets 1,000 times the usual benefit of the doubt. Mike, a life long catholic, even stated that he would not attend a church in the Cincinnati Archdiocese until Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk resigns.

Other Coverage: Post1, Post2, Post3, Post4, Post5, WCPO, WLWT, WKRC, NY Times, Plain Dealer, DDN, CNN/AP.

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